Misty Glenn

A Random Legacy

Apocalypse Legacies:

The rules for an apocalypse challenge are found here: http://ts3ac.wikispaces.com/Home

Current challenge: Kylie

Here is an Apocalypse Start.

This story is for Mama Dragon.

New Apocalypse Story: A Tale of the Dark Ages

  1. medicine and personal hygiene
  2. journalism and public library
  3. law and order? with freedom in movement and food choices
  4. education with homework and school or classes for all
  5. athletics to move and carry more and going in different directions
  6. cops and robbers controlling elders and keeping all earnings
  7. sneaky, sneaky to slack off, take a day off, or even quit work
  8. rockin’ our world offers more entertainment
  9. triple crown for architecture, espionage, and business
  10. lifetime wishes are important too even if there are no clears
  11. other accomplishments include completing challenges
  12. magic number 3 clears symphonics, gamer, and science
  13. oh my… ghosts and clearing paranormal
  14. it’s all politics and more land
  15. aliens and their technology
  16. the end of an era, naturally

Fortier Family Tree

Inside the Fortier Home

Old one-generation Apocalyse Story: A Pagan Story (chapter links below)

Tanya Pagan wants to join an elite group of individuals. Screenshot-4

As a genius, she contemplates her new lot and finds pleasure in the fact that she has a garbage can.

Having nothing to do, she whipped out her cell; but was forced to wave good-bye to it.

The uni mascot had shown up and Tanya was able to take her aptitude test for uni.

“Maybe, I’ll see you around later,” she tells the mascot.

See Tanya’s uni start.

Oh, the fun Tanya had in her 2d term!

And, even more fun was had in the 3d term!

She’s a wiser Sim at graduation.

Tanya returns home to an apocalyse.

What happened?

And then

Who is Tanya?

Find out about the plan.

See if she becomes Empress of Evil.

Onward to Baby Making!


Working on it!

Life continues.

Comforting Children.

Go on to 3 Boys and a Girl?


Tanya’s Life.


Growing Up

Overcoming Challenges

Life’s Changes

The Good Life

Live and Learn

Busy, Busy, Busy



Onward to Masterpiece?

New Job

Go forward to Keeping Busy.



They do their own thing.


The Game of Life.

Comforting Children

More, More, More

The Grind



Getting through the Week


Another Elder

Oh My!


What it’s All About




103 and Painting


More Painting!


a Loss

a Gain



Tanya and her Legacy

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