Random Legacy

I decided to try a random legacy that some others are playing using the same sim, same lot, and same world BUT with different goals achieved by random rules. Thread: http://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/907757/kat-silver-multi-simmer-random-legacy

This is the sim (Kat Silver by Simasaurus09) at her home in Sunset Valley:

This is her home located next to the small park on Maywood Lane (made by Tamo at MTS):screenshot-2

These are the goals for the first (and maybe only) generation:

  1. Day One
  2. Term One
  3. Fall
  4. Winter
  5. Spring
  6. Summer
  7. Home
  8. Ashley
  9. Interruption
  10. Tot
  11. Lots
  12. More
  13. End

Gen 2

  1. Ty Moves
  2. Ty Works
  3. Ty Progresses
  4. Ty Continues
  5. Jordan
  6. Teen Years
  7. End of a Gen

Gen 3

  1. start
  2. Moonlight Falls
  3. Twins
  4. Take Two
  5. Trouble
  6. Prom
  7. After Prom
  8. Meteors and Moves (Creme de la Creme)
  9. Birthdays, Graduations, and Goodbyes


  1. Lily
  2. Growing Up
  3. Life and Homework
  4. More Growing
  5. Foals are Precious
  6. Star Shines
  7. Horses are Work
  8. Blessings
  9. Big Days
  10. Another Race
  11. unicorn
  12. changes


  1. babies
  2. uh oh
  3. Carter

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