Random Legacy

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Ashley had been invited to visit Tiberius and Kat. They asked her to move in.screenshot

Ashley accepted the invitation and wanted to get a culinary job.screenshot-2

Though she needs to be unemployed, getting a job sparked a wish to gain cooking skill.screenshot-3

Tiberius also wanted to gain a skill, so he went to the library.screenshot-4

Of course, Ashley couldn’t have a job, so she went to the diner to quit.screenshot-5

Tiberius wanted to gain athletic skill (and he needed fun as well), so he played some soccer.screenshot-6

Ashley, being family-oriented, wanted to get married; which won’t happen for quite a while. She did head to the library and met an unattached, handsome sim.screenshot-7

It didn’t take long for Ashley and Christopher to become an item.screenshot-9

Ashley didn’t want to risk losing him, so she immediately proposed.screenshot-10

Meanwhile, Kat had her first promotion before facing maternity leave.screenshot-11

Ashley’s first day in the family and she’s already engaged!screenshot-12

Even though she quit the job without ever working, she continued to study cooking.screenshot-13

With Kat on maternity leave, she went to the library to chat with some locals.screenshot-14

While discussing art with Holly, she maxed her charisma skill.screenshot-15

Ashley had nothing important to do with her days, so she had fun at the summer festival.screenshot-16

She wanted to learn fishing, so she gained a skill in that while she was there.screenshot-17

It was another fun day.screenshot-18

Before long, Kat had given birth to little Ty.screenshot-19

Tiberius and Kat had both wanted a son, so Ty’s appearance made them both very happy.screenshot-20

In addition to Kat maxing her charisma…screenshot-21

She also maxed her athletic skill.screenshot-22

The first week ends with Kat and Tiberius both being promoted and both being best friends with their bosses. Kat is also best friends with the co-workers she meet.