Day One

Start up info on Random Legacy page.

Kat first slept until rested. Then she chatted with the paper gal until the uni mascot appeared.screenshot-3

Since she had no skills, she called the university and enrolled for just one term.screenshot-4

She’s staying in the Malan dorm that is modified in my game to only two stories.screenshot-5

She immediately struck up a conversation with Anoki (a level 10 jock) since she’ll need to be a level 10 jock to get the sports agent job.screenshot-6

After introducing herself to most of her roomies, I had her meet Tiberius. (She wasn’t thrilled.)screenshot-8

But, he’s a computer whiz who enjoyed her funny internet videos.screenshot-9

Since Kat’s spouse will need to be a video game engineer, Kat asked Tiberius to go steady.screenshot-10

Luckily, a roommate made dinner without burning it.screenshot-11

Unluckily, another roomie caught the grill on fire. (Kat does NOT plan to replace it.) Hopefully, there won’t be any more fires on the grill.screenshot-12

Kat had lots of wishes for the guitar; and since she’ll need to max charisma, I let her get one. (Ambitious – gaining skills and getting promotions – seems the best trait to live by as Tiberius shares that trait as well.)screenshot-13

Thus, ended her first day at university.

Story continues with Term One.