Random Legacy

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Christopher had stayed over night, and since he didn’t have a job to rush off to, he stuck around all day. He danced in his pajamas.Screenshot-24

He got dressed only to go outside and jam with Kat.Screenshot-25

Since he was there, Ty asked for his help with homework.Screenshot

They got to enjoy Katrina’s questionable music skills.Screenshot-2

A gnome appeared in the greenhouse.Screenshot-4

Ashley realized she was pregnant and didn’t even notice the deer coming up close.Screenshot-6

Kat thought Christopher would never leave. Ashley had to suggest he leave.Screenshot-7

With Kat’s cooking skill maxed and a fire proof insurance, Kat was allowed to make waffles.Screenshot-8

It was finally time for her maternity leave to end and THIS is what she chose to wear to work!Screenshot-9

If I went to work in that limo, I don’t think that is what I’d wear.Screenshot-12

The prom pics in the winter clothes weren’t quite what Ty wanted to remember his date. So, they took their own pics at the spring festival where Ty mentions that he plans a culinary career.Screenshot-13

Katrina has nothing to do as she awaits her birthday, so she now annoys everyone by beating on a drum.Screenshot-15

Ashley was sure the veggie burgers would burn, but they didn’t.Screenshot-16

Ty enjoys playing with his little sister.Screenshot-17

He also enjoys playing some video games.Screenshot-18

Kat has made it to the top of her career as a sports agent. She has a nice statue too. She still calls to get more sports contracts.Screenshot-19

Ashley gives birth to a little boy that she names Chris after his dad.Screenshot-20

The little one gets a cuddle and cuddly toy.Screenshot-21

Then, Ty celebrates turning into a young adult.Screenshot-22

He turned out well.Screenshot-23

This is the home he’ll be leaving behind barring the last gifts in the mail of yet more plants and pictures.Screenshot-24

The home easily accomodated the family, though children’s toys and furnishings did move around a lot.Screenshot-25

It turned out looking great, but still challenged toddlers and their crazy routing.Screenshot-26

The sun is setting on this generation.Screenshot-28

The next generation will live more green.Screenshot-29

With the start of Ty’s generation, Ashley can finally marry Christopher.Screenshot-30

She might even get that culinary or gardening job that she so desires.Screenshot-31

With Ashley and little Chris now living with Christopher, the home is down to just four.Screenshot-33

Little Katrina celebrates her birthday that morning.Screenshot-34

She’s not so little any more.Screenshot-35

She randomly became a kleptomaniac.Screenshot-36

Tiberius maxed his writing skill with a satire after two humor flops. Out of the four books he wrote, only Three Sims and a Baby and Grueling Grind are worth the read.Screenshot-37

Ty attends his graduation ceremony.Screenshot-38

As class valedictorian, prom king, and the sim most likely to suceed, just what lies ahead?Screenshot-39

This is the end of a generation. Will it be the start of another?

Generation Two