Random Legacy
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The Fall semester begins with a broken computer in the dorm’s lab…screenshot-2

And Tiberius gingerly studying about the brain on a cerebral machine.screenshot-3

The roommates don’t mind eating charred food.screenshot-6

I was worried about this… an unattended fire and grill cooking!screenshot-7

But this roommate can cook. Unfortunately, it’s not tofu dogs…screenshot-8

So, Kat has a caffeine fix for breakfast.screenshot-9

She has an early morning class and then a late one, so there’s time to dumpster dive nearby…screenshot-10

And to make one last harvest as the frost sets in.screenshot-11

Tiberius doesn’t have the early morning class, so he plays some chess. He quit wearing his nerdy glasses ’cause Kat thinks he’s hot without them.screenshot-12

Sometimes the cerebral machine experiences dangerous power fluxations.screenshot-16

It may have been related to some unexplained interference nearby.screenshot-19

One roomie also had an unpleasant experience that night.screenshot-21

It might be a coincidence that Tiberius later saw this meteor falling from the sky.screenshot-22

I guess it compensated for the other bad experience, as selling it for over 3k brought a big smile to Tiberius’ face and made him feel that he was contributing to their college fund.screenshot-23

Kat rarely finds items of even 50 simoleans in her dumpster diving, so the meteor was awesome luck!screenshot-24

Kat decided to make salad since the only left-0vers were hot dogs. Tiberius decided to join her in the kitchen and he upgraded the sink to self-cleaning.screenshot-25

The next day was activity day for Tiberius at Keith’s Comics.screenshot-28

When his group activity finished, Tiberius wandered next door to a street performance and met enough sims to complete a celebrity challenge. This meant he could make friendships a lot easier.screenshot-30

Kat isn’t the only one dumpster diving behind the grocery store.screenshot-31

Tiberius’ school performance is awesome, so he goes to Keith’s Comics to read some of the latest comic releases.screenshot-35

Kat only practises her business presentations during the group activity.screenshot-36

Ashley finally shows up at one of her one parties. Kat can’t get to the juice keg, but she enjoys doing the school cheer with Ashley.screenshot-38

It was probably best that she skipped the juice, as she then aced her tests the next day.screenshot-41

Then, she celebrated as only Kat can.screenshot-42

Tiberius aced his tests too.screenshot-43

His celebration was much more intense than Kat’s.screenshot-44

The roomies celebrated with uncharred dinner…screenshot-48

And hanging out together.screenshot-50

Kat, however, managed to go to another party…screenshot-52

While socially-awkward Tiberius tried not to be awkward.screenshot-54

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