End of a Gen

This is generation two of a random legacy.

Back to teen years.

With Jordan almost fully grown up, Ty invites over Angelica.Screenshot-111

He has fulfilled his generational goals and achieved his lifetime want. Now, he’d like to have someone to share his life with when Jordan strikes out on his own.Screenshot-112

Angelica is thrilled to marry Ty. They celebrate their good fortune and watch the stars together.Screenshot-114

Angelica gets to know her step-son the best way possible… bonding over homework.Screenshot-115

Spring has arrived and the plants are moved outside to enjoy full sunshine and a sprinkle of water.Screenshot-116

Ty’s tells all his friends that he is now a married man.Screenshot-117

They have gotten some strange gifts throughout their lives, like the lemonade stand after Jordan was a teen.Screenshot-122

Ty decides he’ll gift Jordan some things he might be able to use in his alchemy career.Screenshot-123

Jordan harvests a few more things from the community garden.Screenshot-124

Angelica, who wants to have 20 friends, starts calling up Sims she knows.Screenshot-125

She has to thank her friends for the awesome wedding presents, like a fountain of youth and beautiful paintings…Screenshot-126

and an awesome stereo!Screenshot-128

She’s pretty sure that this welcome banner was ordered on-line sight unseen!Screenshot-129

Some Sims rated a personal thank you.Screenshot-130

Then Angelica got her own eco-friendly bike.Screenshot-131

And she headed off to a party to make more friends. (Angelica has already maxed charisma and some of the charisma skills such as celebrity. So, making friends is easy for her.)Screenshot-132

Then there was another party. This one was for Jordan.Screenshot-133

Jordan was now a young adult.Screenshot-134

With the passing of the baton to the next generation, Ty was able to buy a car. He bought a Prius hybrid, of course.Screenshot-135

At the end of Ty’s generation, the inside looked like this.Screenshot-137

They had beautiful paintings on the walls that had all been gifts. And, they had that toy oven and kid bike that Jordan never used.Screenshot-138

Angelica needed just one more friend to achieve her lifetime want.Screenshot-139

She found that friend in this sim.Screenshot-141

Ty thought he’d give her flowers for the occasion.Screenshot-142

Since his dad and step-mom had achieved their goals, it was now time for Jordan to start thinking about children of his own some day.Screenshot-143

He crawled into his old bed for the last time.Screenshot-144

His step-mom was a little older than his dad. So, she took a drink from the fountain of youth to even out the age difference a bit. (Since she won’t be part of Jordan’s future, I saw no harm in letting her.)Screenshot-145

Jordan harvested the last of the plants and packed up all the produce.Screenshot-146

They also added a few windows to the home.Screenshot-147

He wouldn’t have to live green any more if he didn’t want to. So he wouldn’t need the clothesline any more and he wouldn’t miss it.Screenshot-148

And, he sure wouldn’t miss that silly toy oven or the welcome banner!Screenshot-149

They added another counter now that they could and unpacked the food processor from storage. They could add a few more things now if they wanted, but why bother?Screenshot-151

It was time for Jordan to move on.Screenshot-153

He graduated with highest honors as the Sim most likely to do something to the world.Screenshot-154

He pulled out his cell to call a taxi. He was leaving his home behind and heading out to the unknown.Screenshot-155

On to a new gen… gen 3.