Generation Two of a Random Legacy.

Back to Ty continues.

Jordan had already mastered the toy cooking oven, and now he had mastered the blocks.Screenshot

So, he picked out a logic book to read.Screenshot-8

Then, he went fishing for fun.Screenshot-11

Something in the air didn’t agree with him and he went to the hospital for a shot.Screenshot-12

Good thing his bike has a light! It was late when he got out of the hospital…Screenshot-14

But not too late to call his best friend and tell him about it.Screenshot-15

Meanwhile, his dad had been upgrading the park again. This time a couple toilets, a sink, some railing, and …Screenshot-26

and a couple small grills were added.Screenshot-27

That had used up all their available cash, but they didn’t need much as they continued to live simply.Screenshot-32

Jordan met a cute gal in school the next day just before catching his bus home.Screenshot-33

While Ty did more laundry, Jordan called up Griselda.Screenshot-35

Because Ty constantly went down and around this hill, a gate was finally added on this side.Screenshot-36

Evenings had just enough time to do homework together…Screenshot-37

and read before bed.Screenshot-38

Eventually Ty saved enough money to upgrade the park again to a full compliment of four small grills and picnic tables.Screenshot-43

Then he brought the total number of toilets and sinks up to four as well and added a bench to the play area.Screenshot-44

Their park was now a level three big park that kept the appeal of a smaller park.Screenshot-45

Back at home, Jordan was enjoying a muffin he made earlier.Screenshot-48

Jordan had made so many treats learning to cook on his toy oven that Ty didn’t have to cook when he came home tired from work.Screenshot-50

Ty didn’t always get promotions from his boss, but he usually learned a new recipe from her.Screenshot-51

He spent a lot of time at the swim center watching the cooking channel, where he was always amazed and often learned a new recipe then too.Screenshot-54

Eventually it was gift giving day and Jordan got a bike that didn’t look like his dad’s.Screenshot-57

His dad got a chess set and decided they’d have to sell the rocker they never used for a chair to play chess.Screenshot-61

Jordan also got a toy oven, which he didn’t need, but couldn’t sell either.Screenshot-63

In the middle of his party, his boss disappeared to host her own party, which Ty needed to attend right away.Screenshot-65

He left the boys doing homework.Screenshot-66

And was really surprised at the size of the stuffed tofurkey served at the other party.Screenshot-68

Despite leaving his party early, it turned out great. Jordan enjoyed his dad’s present more than his own.Screenshot-69

Then, it was time for his birthday celebration.Screenshot-72

Jordan was now a teen.Screenshot-73

So, he’d need a bigger bike than the one he was just gifted.Screenshot-74

Next up … Jordan’s teen years.