Teen Years

Generation Two of a Random Legacy

Back to Jordan.

Ty finally maxed his gardening skill and …Screenshot-78

he was real close to maxing his cooking skill as well. So, he headed to the library.Screenshot-79

Jordan was fascinated with alchemy. So, he found a book to read while his dad researched cooking.Screenshot-80

Once home again, they worked on Jordan’s homework.Screenshot-81

There wasn’t much to do in the cold winter months.Screenshot-82

Days off still included work for both them, though Ty’s carpool was much nicer than Jordan’s.Screenshot-83

Jordan got off work before his dad. So, he’d invite Griselda over.Screenshot-84

He also spent his days off gardening…Screenshot-86

before he had to rush off to work at the spa.Screenshot-88

One happy day, Ty made it to the top of the culinary profession and earned a nice fridge.Screenshot-90

That was just before Ty transitioned to a full adult.Screenshot-92

The next morning, Jordan got up early.Screenshot-93

He made pancakes from ingredients stored in the new fridge.Screenshot-94

That day ended with a date with Griselda.Screenshot-96

They went to watch a foreign movie.Screenshot-97

Then they stopped by the park to watch the stars.Screenshot-99

It was close to curfew when the teens headed home.Screenshot-100

The next night was Prom night.Screenshot-103

They practised some dance moves before heading out.Screenshot-104

Griselda had big plans tonight.Screenshot-106

After helping Griselda out of the limo, Jordan raced off to get the school door for her.Screenshot-108

She asked him what his rush was.Screenshot-109

Then she assured him that she wasn’t a princess and could open her own doors.Screenshot-110

Well, Jordan and Griselda might have had a rocky start, but they ended up going steady and having a great time at Prom.

On to the end of a generation.