Ty Continues

This is gen 2 of a random legacy.

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Ty returns, up the hill, after working in the garden below.Screenshot-107

He’d really love another promotion today.Screenshot-108

He chats with a co-worker before work.Screenshot-109

And while waiting for the car pool, he chats with his other co-worker.Screenshot-110

His co-workers aren’t as interested in promotions as he is.Screenshot-111

One night after work, a car stopped suddenly in front of him.Screenshot-112

His nerves were shot after the near accident, and he de-stresses watching the cooking channel where he learns a recipe for peanut and banana sandwiches. I guess he’ll need to plant a banana tree.Screenshot-113

The weather has turned cooler and Ty starts dressing a little warmer to go out at night.Screenshot-114

It was another long day, and Ty is tired.Screenshot-116

On the positive side, Ty now has more free time because he has less garden.Screenshot-117

Ty decides to make vegetable burgers today.Screenshot-118

Then he heads to the library to read more advanced culinary techniques.Screenshot-119

WoW! There is so much Ty still doesn’t know.Screenshot-120

What do you do when a co-worker gifts you a bunch of shells? You make a wall ornament, of course!Screenshot-121

Ty’s promotion netted him a food processor! So he bought another counter so he could use it. (Then I remembered that he was only allowed one food preparation counter.)Screenshot-123

The food processor made a big mess he had to clean up. (Maybe he didn’t have the lid on tight!?) Screenshot-125

He had already invited over his co-workers for a feasting party, but the food processor was placed in inventory and extra counter was given to the local soup kitchen.Screenshot-126

Ty paid his bills while his guests took their food dishes to the kitchen.Screenshot-127

One stranger came in a limo, put her food on the floor in the kitchen (since there was no table or counter space), and then turned around and left again.Screenshot-128

The other co-worker placed her food on the floor and settled in the rocker with a book before they all enjoyed a veggie burger (with Ty sitting on the toilet). Then that co-worker poofed away to invite Ty to her party. Despite that, Ty’s party was great and he met a lot of new sims at the co-worker’s party before he returned home to compost some more dead plants.Screenshot-129

There would be lots of left-overs Ty would end up thowing out later, but it was nice to have a party and meet new sims. Screenshot-130

With less garden to tend and more free time before work, Ty ventured to the science facility that shared realestate with the hospital.Screenshot-131

It was his destiny to be single this generation, at least until his heir was half-way through teenaged life. So, he decided that, rather than separate a mother from her child, he’d try out a voucher he’d saved for.Screenshot-132

Something special was happening here.Screenshot-133

Sparkles and lights!Screenshot-134

A mini Ty, named Jordan, appeared.Screenshot-135

This clone had Ty’s great traits of natural cook, green thumb, and genius!Screenshot-136

Jordan, finally free from that clogged door way, got on a new bike his dad had purchased for him – a small clone of his dad’s bike in a different color.Screenshot-137

While his dad went to get his fun up watching the cooking cable before work…Screenshot-138

Jordan headed home to improve his cooking skill as well.Screenshot-139

Jordan made a muffin for his dad to eat before he had to head to work.Screenshot-140

A ghost was having fun in the bathroom, but Ty didn’t even notice.Screenshot-141

He had to change and head off to work.Screenshot-142

Jordan had almost perfected his cooking skills when he stopped to eat a brownie.Screenshot-144

He had perfected his cooking skills and gone to bed just as dad got home from work. Ty invited his boss over for company and… to ask for another promotion. YES!Screenshot-145

Ty had saved up enough money and had enough free time to enjoy some quality time with his son this weekend. The bonding had just begun.Screenshot-147

Next … more about Jordan.