Ty Progresses

This is gen 2 of a random legacy.

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So, we return to Ty and his desire to get a promotion. Just look at his empty home! He does NEED a few more things in it.Screenshot-74

Fall is fast approaching and Ty is kept busy harvesting and weeding and watering.Screenshot-75

He barely finishes everything before his work day officially begins. (Have you noticed the diner within the diner before? EA uses MOO too?!)Screenshot-76

Today Ty meet a co-worker.Screenshot-77

And he was invited to a party at the boss’ place.Screenshot-78

So he rushed right over after work…Screenshot-79

Where he trapped the boss in the bathroom to ask for a promotion. YES!Screenshot-80

Now he could finally afford a stove for his home. He wanted one that was at least 450 simoleans (and because it’s a basic item to all homes, he could get it and still live green). Screenshot-81

Now Ty can look forward to cooked food!Screenshot-82

So, the first thing he made was waffles for breakfast.Screenshot-84

Some of his plants were starting to die off now.Screenshot-86

While that might seem kind of sad, it’s nature’s way to prepare for the barren winter when some of nature sleeps and rejuvenates.Screenshot-87

You’d think the car pool could get a little closer.Screenshot-88

The diner actually has a nice view that Ty never gets to appreciate, running in late and working until it’s dark out.Screenshot-90

He takes the car pool home, driving past his park that he’ll be improving on later.Screenshot-91

Did he ignore his inside plants today? Time to give them a good drink of water!Screenshot-92

Then he can enjoy a nice cooked meal before bed!Screenshot-93

The sun is up and so is Ty.Screenshot-94

He has some more dead plants to add to the compost.Screenshot-95

By now the inevitable has happened. His hampers are overflowing.Screenshot-96

He has enough money to pay the bills, but an energy efficient washing machine is expensive.Screenshot-97

Luckily, he got another promotion.Screenshot-98

I’m not excited about that texture, but yay! for a washing machine.Screenshot-99

He put a load in to wash on his way to bed.Screenshot-100

Then he hung his clothes on the line as he went to work in his indoor garden.Screenshot-101

One slightly irritating thing is the way Ty always runs around the huge hill to go from one garden to the next.Screenshot-102

He had washed the clothes from his bedroom hamper earlier. Now it was time to wash up those left in the bathroom.Screenshot-103

And… what’s this?Screenshot-104

Ty has convinced his fellow carpooler to buy a more energy efficient car!Screenshot-105

Now, if he’d just use those stairs instead of rounding a hill!Screenshot-106

Next up… Ty continues