Ty Works

This is Gen 2 of a Random Legacy.

Back to Ty moves.

After working in his gardens at home…Screenshot-40

Ty catches a carpool to work.Screenshot-41

Ty arrives at work just minutes before his shift starts.Screenshot-42

He gets off work late, so it’s a good thing his bike has a light.Screenshot-43

Ty doesn’t go directly home. He stops at the community garden to get some more garlic and some nice peppers, which he isn’t skilled enough to grow yet himself.Screenshot-44

The addition of some pretty yellow peppers in his evening salad is awesome.Screenshot-46

As it’s late, and Ty’s day begins early, he crawls up his ladder to go to bed.Screenshot-47

Late nights and early mornings… but it’s a good life, right?Screenshot-48

There is absolutely nothing more satisfying than growing your own food.Screenshot-49

With just enough time to shower and eat before heading off to work…Screenshot-50

Ty is often running in at the last minute.Screenshot-51

It took two whole days of working hard, and taking it easy when necessary, to earn enough for this burglar alarm. Now Ty’s home is at least insured when he’s not there.Screenshot-52

Like when he goes to the swim center after work.Screenshot-53

He’s found that he enjoys watching the cooking channel, though he’d never own his own television. (What happens to everyone’s old electronics any way? They just fill up and overflow the landfills.)Screenshot-54

Any way, Ty feels that he is doing his part to make the world greener.Screenshot-56

Having a quick salad at the end of the day is easy and refreshing, but maybe tomorrow he’ll try something different.Screenshot-58

Ty’s life is becoming too much of a rut. Things need to change soon.Screenshot-59

Thank goodness for a sprinkler system. Imagine watering everything by hand!Screenshot-60

Ty has a couple days off work. Yay for some free time! He heads to his boss’ home.Screenshot-61

Since she wasn’t home, he decides to start on a goal to improve a nearby park by adding a mini-fridge, grill, and counter.Screenshot-62

It already has a pretty playground.Screenshot-63

Since he has an opportunity to make stir-fry for work, he tried out the grill.Screenshot-64

He couldn’t stir fry on it, but he made some nice vegetable fried rice.Screenshot-65

Looks good enough to eat, right?Screenshot-66

So, that’s exactly what Ty did!Screenshot-67

Then he headed to the community swim center where he watched the cooking channel again.Screenshot-68

He was sure that his boss was home by now, but was surprised to find her out again.Screenshot-69

He thought to while away some time by talking to some passers-by. (This is when I realized that Ty’s celebrity challenge achievement that enables him to make friends easily had disappeared in the move along with all memory of anyone he ever knew.)Screenshot-70

So… I returned to the old save and had Ty move the traditional way via phone.Screenshot-71

He took a taxi to a remove spot and walked off toward an old cave before he ended up in Aurora Skies. BUT… he still had his celebrity challenge wiped out.Screenshot-72

So… I returned to the newer save and decided that it was fair to cheat his boss to friend status now. After all, he’d known her for a few days and would have been friends by now if he hadn’t lost that ability in the move. (He worked hard meeting 25 Sims in his early years. He deserved to keep that ability!)

Go ahead and tell me what you think.

Next… Ty progresses.