Gen 3

Back to the end of gen 2 of my random legacy.

It’s time for the third generation to start. Here’s the roll:

Hopefully, it’s obvious from the secondary career, but no other stuff, that this generation will be a couple with three children, one of whom will be a step-child. Jordan will be an alchemist and his spouse will be in the evil criminal career. (So sorry, spouse, you’ll lose your nice job and enter a profession that you are not well suited to, nor will it help with your LTW!)genn3

I seem to roll that live your trait a lot. No worries. I like to make my sim’s wishes come true. Jordan is a green thumb and a natural cook who is an angler and gatherer as well. It’s just a matter of deciding which one I want to focus on as they all have recurring wishes.

The expansionist part will be the most fun for me because I love building!


Moonlight Falls


Take Two



After Prom

Meteors and Moves

(Creme de la Creme)