After Prom

This is gen 3 of a random legacy.

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Sophie placed her prom pic on her dresser and enjoyed the happy memories.Screenshot

Someone else liked her prom dress so much, she copy catted her! Jordan took the opportunity to throw a potion at her.Screenshot-2

Then, Jordan threw a bliss potion at Lily and drank one himself to prepare for drivers training. (The Prius car is really s l o w!)Screenshot-3

Then, Sophie celebrated her birthday.Screenshot-6

They all enjoyed the cake.Screenshot-7

Then the family, minus Sophie, went to a costume party.Screenshot-8

I’m not sure if Lana was cringing at Lily’s costume or her own.Screenshot-9

Why is this pic significant? Jordan uses his 50th potion – a wish enhancing one to achieve his lifetime want and twice the rewards!Screenshot-10

While the others were off partying, Sophie and her beau had their own party.Screenshot-11

Sophie didn’t mention that she’d already had cake earlier; but she did mention that now that they were grown up, it might be a great time to move in together.Screenshot-13

Since Alfred didn’t choke on his cake, Sophie took that as a good omen.Screenshot-14

They had a private ceremony.Screenshot-15

And though it had been a long day, Alfred was looking forward to the night ahead.Screenshot-16

Someone else had plans that night as well!Screenshot-18

The burglar alarm scared the burglar away.Screenshot-19

Apparently the policeman was very near-sighted!Screenshot-20

Lana thought she’d chase the would-be thief in the Prius that she’d just learned to drive.Screenshot-21

After a busy holiday and an exciting night, it was back to school. (I have a mod that enables all the doors of a school to prevent clustering around one door. Unfortunately, it takes forever for them to walk around the building. Fortunately, their school meter goes up from the time they get on the bus.)Screenshot-22

So, who is your favorite? Lana in front? Or Lily behind her?Screenshot-23

That’s where I stopped for the night.

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