Birthdays, Graduations, and Good byes


This is the end of generation three of a random legacy.

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I played with Icarus’ mod and made the writing sheet a laptop. If you imagine she’s just tapping her fingers on the table, it works well.Screenshot

Lily is improving her cooking skill and making mac and cheese.Screenshot-2

Lana likes to jam, but Lily’s watching the cooking channel.Screenshot-3

Jordan celebrated his adult birthday.Screenshot-4

Lana got in trouble for skipping school again and had to do chores until she was let off the hook.Screenshot-5

She was hungry, tired, and needed fun; but settled for food first.Screenshot-7

Lily still spends most of her time texting friends after school.Screenshot-9

She and Lana both decided that they wanted part-time jobs just before graduating.Screenshot-10

After getting the “laptop” to work, it was moved back into the den and then worked great there too.Screenshot-11

Jordan makes some country bread.Screenshot-24

Then, it’s time for the twins to grow up. Lana is concerned about the teen that Lily invited. He is a klepto and a loser.Screenshot-25

That’s Lana’s beau behind Lily. Lana and him have gone steady since prom.Screenshot-28

Lana is so ready to leave high school behind.Screenshot-29

Lana turned out great, didn’t she?Screenshot-31

Lily has more of a pixie look about her.Screenshot-33

Her dad gives her a present and says he’ll miss her when she leaves home.Screenshot-34

Lana jams in the kitchen with her beau. Maybe being rug-free makes a difference.Screenshot-36

Lily tells her twin that she wants to leave home and be rich and famous some day. She’ll miss her twin terribly, but she wishes her much luck with her music and her beau.Screenshot-37

The next day, Jordan has one more alchemy wish to fulfill. He throws a vial of bliss at his eldest, whose still thinking fondly of the killer birthday party.Screenshot-38

Then, the twins attend graduation…Screenshot-39

While party celebrations get underway at their home.Screenshot-41

Many young males were invited in case Lana wanted to pitch her beau at the last minute. And, their  older-sister Sophie showed up, still singed from the meteor strike.Screenshot-42

Lily by-passed the fish and grabbed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.Screenshot-44

Then it was time to play musical chairs and start the gift giving.Screenshot-45

Lana got a gnome and her beau mentioned that maybe their baby would play with it some day.Screenshot-48

Jordan, the alchemist, was given coal to turn into gold. That was an effective ending to this generation.Screenshot-50

Next time… a new world and a new gen.