Creme de la Creme

I removed the wall paper and floor tiles to replace with free variety to lower the cost. I also removed a lot of lights and shifted things around a little bit as a result. Other than that, this is the awesome basement that Mia created for my sims. Screenshot-43

I love all the texturing and furnishings that Mia chose; but the price was way too much for my sims to afford, so I had to delete a few things before they could afford to buy the home. Everything is just as Mia created it, just missing a few things and a few things shifted to help hide the missing items.Screenshot-40

The nursery had an additional crib, all the walls had more lights, pictures, windows, and curtains, and there had been a book of spells included. The only change I made besides deleting and moving some things around as a result was to switch out a couple sinks and windows for cheaper versions. (I wanted to keep everything the way it was, but I just couldn’t afford it.)Screenshot-39

You may have noticed that I swapped out the gorgeous, expensive wood tiles for free ones outside where it’s covered by roof.Screenshot-41

Other than being just a bit barer than before, I think I kept the essentials and the look that MiaSkywalker created.Screenshot-42

This is the house from the front just as my sims were moving in:Screenshot-32

This is the right side. (I moved that one tree to the right for a better view.)Screenshot-44

Out back I deleted some patio tile and the tile around the pool, replacing them with free terrain paint. I also changed the foundation to a free brick one to match the fireplace.Screenshot-49

I found the garden tools hidden in another spot and moved them to the garden. I also replaced a double window with a single one, but mostly this is Mia’s awesome creation just as she made it for me in the Round Robin exchange here.Screenshot-47

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