Meteors and Moves

This is generation three of a random legacy.

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Linda continues to work in the criminal career. She’s at level seven right now.Screenshot-4

Lana often has problems getting in to school. (I have a mod that lets them use all doors, but often they get stuck in them and have to try again.)Screenshot-5

(I could get use to having potions when tired!) Jordan uses a little pick-me-up!Screenshot-6

Linda has already maxed athletics, and is a five-star celeb; so I must have let her jog home from work to relieve stress.Screenshot-7

I thought she was the same age as Jordan now, but apparently she’s still one day older.Screenshot-9

Jordan keeps trying to help her get more logic, but she always gains a different skill instead.Screenshot-11

Jordan’s sole job is alchemist, so he sells his potions at the consignment store.Screenshot-12

The twins visit the park and enjoy picnic lunches.Screenshot-13

They are often recognized and asked to pose for pics.Screenshot-15

Just like regular sims, they often need a little help with their homework. The park is a great place for that.Screenshot-16

Lana wanted to pose as well.Screenshot-17

It’s nice having a limo to ride home in!Screenshot-18

One requirement this generation was to expand their home in some significant way. So, the basement was dug out more for a rec room, gym, and bath. (I didn’t get a completed pic as my mother board died shortly after this, but the empty room gets divided in two horizontally with the alchemy moved closer to the top of the stairs and the gym closest to the bottom of the stairs and bath.)Screenshot-14

Sophie, who married and moved out, threw a party.Screenshot-20

She spent most of her time raking leaves.Screenshot-21

So, our family decided to go home.Screenshot-22

Apparently, just in time too!Screenshot-23

There was a cloud of smoke after the bright flash of light.Screenshot-24

Some damage occurred.Screenshot-27

Linda went back for the meteor.Screenshot-28

When she returned, again Jordan tried to help her gain some logic skill or at least stay awake long enough to gain some the old-fashioned way.Screenshot-30

Apparently someone didn’t like the way he went around throwing potions and he got a bad rep. So he went to city hall to sue for slander again and again and again (at least seven times before he finally won his case.)Screenshot-29

The family decided that it was time to move (or Linda did during a mood swing).Screenshot-31

Mia Skywalker built this awesome lot for them. See more of it here.Screenshot-32

Lana claimed the blue room as her own.Screenshot-33

That left Lily with this enchanting bedroom.Screenshot-35

Linda had some leftover waffles…Screenshot-36

before joining Jordan in their bed chamber. (He’s apparently happy that the gals both have a desk in their rooms.)Screenshot-37

The next day Linda practices chess on the upper floor while the gals are in school.Screenshot-51

They attend debate or drama class after school, so they get home later. Lily likes to stay in touch with all her friends and is constantly wanting to make more.Screenshot-52

Lana got an opportunity to gain school credit by increasing her writing skill. (This would be a perfect time to try that new mod by Icarus.)Screenshot-53

Let’s end the chapter with Jordan trying, and failing once again, to improve the logic skill for Linda.Screenshot-54

Next up… birthdays, graduation, and good byes.