Moonlight Falls

Go back to the start of Gen 3 of a random legacy.

So, Jordan has left Aurora Skies behind.Screenshot

He’s moved to Moonlight Falls where he meets Linda Rodgers and her adopted daughter Sophie.Screenshot-25

Linda is attracted to Jordan right away and hopes he won’t break her heart.Screenshot-26

They decide to be monogamous or exclusive right away.Screenshot-27

In fact it was pretty obvious that they were meant to get married and …Screenshot-28

be together always in wedded bliss.Screenshot-29

Having settled down to marriage, Jordan immediately goes to city hall to get a license to practice alchemy.Screenshot-30

While Jordan is away, Linda starts potty training Sophie.Screenshot-31

She can’t believe she really is married.Screenshot-32

Jordan was a minor celeb when he moved in, but making friends with, and romancing, Linda caused her to be a celeb too. Then everytime their relationship escalated, so did their celeb status. So, they really needed a security fence.Screenshot-33

And, the front porch was extended and a double door was added as well.Screenshot-34

At first the fencing looked like this.Screenshot-35

And the space added inside to the entry way meant that things were moved around there as well.Screenshot-37

But, when Jordan returned home to work in his garden, I noticed the fencing against the house and had to move it out three spaces to line up with the edge the house where the wall meets the fence of the porch.Screenshot-41

During this time, Sophie managed to master the peg box.Screenshot-42

Linda will need lots of athletic skill for the criminal career, and she randomly wanted to take a class in athletics, gain skill, and then go jogging. Screenshot-43

She returned home in time to potty train Sophie again before bed.Screenshot-44

Her sleep was interrupted with an urgent visit to the bathroom.Screenshot-45

While Jordan wanted a boy, this time I wanted a girl. So, watermelons for Linda, who now is dressed in casual maternity clothing.Screenshot-46

First thing in the morning, Sophie is potty trained.Screenshot-47

Today Sophie would play in the playpen and walker (that have been modded to remove any gains in needs). It’s a great way to fill that sunroom and turn it into a playroom close to the kitchen and just off the living room as well.Screenshot-48

With Sophie taken care of, and gardening done for now, Jordan can finally enjoy his alchemy set up in the basement.Screenshot-50

And Linda can jog to and from a location for a celeb opportunity. This time it was a signing autographs at the book store.Screenshot-51

She’d jog outside to catch an insect or pick up a gem and then jog back inside to work out, read about logic, or watch the cooking channel.Screenshot-53

Meanwhile, Jordan has his own celeb opportunity. He took the limo.Screenshot-56

He stopped to consign some of his potions and was interrupted for an autograph.Screenshot-57

Then he picked up some kids books for Sophie on his way home as Sophie has already mastered the xylophone as well.Screenshot-58

Then, he returned to the basement to make more potions.Screenshot-59

But, something went wrong! He knows the recipe for the cure, but the plants are still growning.Screenshot-60

During this time, Linda had another celeb opportunity at the local hospital and was “jogging” home…Screenshot-61

While Jordan worked in the garden.Screenshot-62

Though it seemed too early, Linda started labor.Screenshot-63

She told Jordan she probably would have turned him into a toad herself for all this pain he’d caused!Screenshot-64

He escaped upstairs on the pretext of checking on Sophie, who just rolled her eyes at him.Screenshot-65

Linda safely deliver Lily, but was noticeably still pregnant.Screenshot-66

That’s when Lana arrived. Yes, twin girls!Screenshot-67

Now that the pain was over, it was okay for Jordan to reappear and help take care of the girls.Screenshot-68

Here’s a look at their home now…Screenshot-2

With tot toys and books added…Screenshot-3

And the play room with an additional crib…Screenshot-4

And the gardens and the alchemy set up in the basement.Screenshot-6

Life is currently going fairly well for them. Of course, Jordan is a toad and good, friendly Linda must now join the criminal profession.

Join in next time for more probable drama with Twins!