This is gen 3 of a random legacy.

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Linda is still randomly drinking from the fountain youth. (I think she’s finally the same age as Jordan, so there will be no drinks for her!)Screenshot

Jordan is just a few elixir uses away from achieving his LTW.Screenshot-2

Linda has so far to go in her career, but jogging out to the garage and back has helped her max her athletic skill.Screenshot-3

This is Lana. She gets wishes to go joy riding and preside over a royal court.Screenshot-4

Sophie and Jordan are having a little fun after gardening.Screenshot-5

Then it’s more drugery for the girls in the form of homework.Screenshot-6

This is Linda taking the limo to work. She is close to be a five-star celeb. I’m hoping that will help the twins get their status up more quickly. (Oh yeah, you’ve haven’t seen the next gen’s rolls yet!)Screenshot-7

Sophie can fly and create auras and other stuff I rarely have her do.Screenshot-8

Poor Linda needs lots of logic in this career. Jordan keeps hitting her with potions, but they seem to be stuck on writing improvements!Screenshot-9

Jordan needed a few more recipe books and stopped by the consignment store to pick up a gem and a butterfly as well as through potions at customers.Screenshot-10

Time has flown by and the twins are growing up.Screenshot-13

Lily was first born and gets to age up first.Screenshot-14

Not bad, Lily!Screenshot-15

Your turn Lana.Screenshot-16

OOOOhhhh, I like!Screenshot-17I liked the bangs and layered look on Lana, so Lily got a hair cut. She got a less wind-tossed version.Screenshot-20

They grew up just in time to attend prom with Sophie and her date.Screenshot-21

Sophie wasn’t all that excited about having the twins along, but she won prom queen and had a great night. Lana found a young man had a crush on her and that made her night (until someone else tried to step in). Lily kept getting into fights. Someone was jealous of dance moves. Someone else was giving a friend a hard time. And then, someone step on her foot on purpose! Luckily, having made the honor roll earlier in the day overshadowed any minor set backs. And Lana is now in love while Sophie is going steady.Screenshot-22

You have to pay the limo by the hour, so they parked the Prius in the school lot earlier and rode home together. Lana is anxious to learn to drive it herself.Screenshot-23

Not being able to gain logic through potions, Linda was struck by one of Jordan’s potent potions that works better than any caffeine. So, she doesn’t need sleep. She’ll just keep working on her logic ALL night long!Screenshot-24

Next up… After Prom!