This is the start of the third generation of a random legacy.

Back to Gen 3.

For this generation, Jordan has moved to Moonlight Falls. As he needs to pursue a career in alchemy, it seemed the best place to live.

He also needed to marry someone who already had a child. Linda Rodgers has adopted a little girl, likes listening to the kids channel, and is family-oriented. So, she seemed an idea mate.

Of course, she wants to be a culinary librarian and was already well up the career ladder in the culinary field. Now she must turn to crime. It’ll be interesting.

This is where we start.

For those who like to see the layout of the home, here’s the tour from the top down – the attic workout room is now a bedroom.Screenshot-12

The master bedroom and the nursery share a jack and jill bathroom that had a shower added.Screenshot-13

The main floor underwent some rearranging and CASting as well.Screenshot-15

There is a basement ready to become Jordan’s work space.Screenshot-16

The garage now includes a washer and planting sod for an indoor garden. And, as you can see, the garden outside is quite a nice size as well. The fence was moved out to add a bit of space to the garden and more fence was added where there wasn’t any before.Screenshot-17

Jordan unpacked a lot of stuff he brought with him, including the fountain, Prius, great fridge, garden and laundry stuff.Screenshot-18

And all those single stairs were widened to double.Screenshot-21

We are now ready to actually start playing in Moonlight Falls.