Take Two

This is generation 3 of a random legacy.

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Neither Linda, nor Jordan had any handiness skill, so they hired a handy man who apparently had no skill either. R.I.P. handy man!Screenshot

Jordan was kept busy harvesting from his garden.Screenshot-3

He’d bought the additional recipe books from the consignment store. Though his research suggested that the job booster potion really backfired, he had to try it out. (Don’t! The work meter didn’t half fill after a full day at work. Worse than worthless!)Screenshot-4

The girls sleep pattern was interrupted by popping out of bed when reloading the game, so Lily had to go back to bed during the day.Screenshot-5

Jordan hired a baby sitter for Lily and took Lana to the library where he could read the logic books to her so much faster. When they returned home, Lana read some painting books.Screenshot-6

Not wanting to spend the day at the library reading more children’s books, the family celebrated the twins’ birthday first thing in the morning, starting with Lily.Screenshot-7

Lana thought her dad was rude sitting down to strawberry pancakes instead of waiting for birthday cake.Screenshot-8

“How do you feel, Lily?”Screenshot-10

“I’m a little dizzy.”Screenshot-11

OOOhhhh, you are very pretty, Lily!Screenshot-16

“Me next. Me next!” Screenshot-17

“How do I look Lily?”Screenshot-20

“You look great, Lana!” … “Really?”Screenshot-21

Well, you could change some of those outfits!Screenshot-22

With the girls finally old enough to take care of themselves, Jordan goes to the consignment store and throws a potion at a customer.Screenshot-23

The girls both wanted to take a class in writing and them visit the Antiquity Museum. Afterwards, they introduced themselves to Sims at the library and the park. (This will make it easier for them to gain charisma later.)Screenshot-24

Jordan stops by and throws potions of friendship at the random Sims.Screenshot-25

When it gets late, they all go home together.Screenshot-26

Back at home, Sophie is chatting with her best friend on her cell. (This is the way the cell phone typically looks on my computer, though sometimes the blocky white will go away.)Screenshot-27

Lana immediately starts baking muffins with the toy oven.Screenshot-29

Lily goes outside to play with the building blocks.Screenshot-30

Linda worked out and gained more charisma. Now she can enjoy cooking up Lana’s favorite veggie burgers.Screenshot-31

Lily has discovered that her big sister will give her fairy dust if she asks for it.Screenshot-33

Sophie sleeps in the attic room. It’s nicely furnished with some things that Jordan brought with him from Aurora Skies.Screenshot-34

It’s a long, narrow room, but it’s enough for one. It offers Sophie privacy and space away from the twins.Screenshot-36

Sophie, it’s your birthday!Screenshot-37

Enjoy some strawberry pancakes while waiting for everyone else to wake up.Screenshot-38

This time you get a party!Screenshot-39

That garden is a little overwhelming, isn’t it, Sophie?Screenshot-40

While Sophie harvests some interesting plants for Jordan’s potions, Lana finds some interesting butterflies.Screenshot-41

Then Jordan tries out the Potent Skill Booster on Linda. Pfft, another waste! She gains a couple skills in social networking, and he loses all the money (and the experience) he could have gained from the consignment store.Screenshot-42

Oh well. Life is all about choices and their consequences. Up next is trouble.