This is gen 3 of a random legacy.

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After a nice leisure day spent mostly on the phone or interacting with each other, and gardening (for Sophie), the girls all head to school.Screenshot

Sophie leads the way for the twins who seem hesitant and a bit leery of this new change in their lives.Screenshot-2

Sophie has a problem being reset sometimes when entering school, but once redirected back to school, she’s fine.Screenshot-4

Unfortunately Jordan was in the vault of antiquity when she arrived at the library. He stopped what he was doing to come over and scold her. He stressed the vast information available on their computer systems, while she complained that it wasn’t very eco-friendly. What happens to all the old computer parts???Screenshot-5

Lily had escaped inside and flagged down a family friend, Miriam Hoppcraft, to help with her homework.Screenshot-6

Sophie sulked as she read a culinary book.Screenshot-7

Back at home, Lana complained loudly about the school bus sitting at school for an hour while Sophie and Lily had opportunities to clean out the bug cage and fix the broiler. (I reset her to pop off the school bus there at school and then to pop home. An hour was enough wasted time!)Screenshot-8

Both Lily and Lana are friendly, so they love making friends and best friends. Lily chats on the phone to a school friend while Lana chats with her dad. Linda has to eat and rush off to work. She’s got the dreaded “nothing counts for promotion until after midnight” problem that means two work nights are required for each step up the career ladder.Screenshot-9

Jordan goes to the library to ensure that Sophie isn’t out past curfew. He throws a few bliss potions at sims there.Screenshot-10

He saves one to throw at Sophie too, since she still has the unhappy, “I’ve been scolded” mood.Screenshot-11

Back from work, Linda makes pancakes for her family’s breakfast.Screenshot-13

It’s the weekend and the garden needs lots of attention.Screenshot-14

Jordan finally returns to the vault of antiquity to complete his Master of Alchemy opportunity. (He has mastered alchemy, and he only needed to sell a few more potions at this point to reach the top of the alchemy field.)Screenshot-15

He sometimes likes to try out his potions. This one is an invigorating one and potent, I believe. He won’t need sleep for 24 hours.Screenshot-16

Sophie has decided to be a 5-star chef, so she often helps out Sophie with cooking.Screenshot-17

On this particular night, she saw some interesting lights she had to investigate after just getting to bed.Screenshot-18

You know what happens.Screenshot-19

Now, she is upset with this alien for messing with her and denying her beauty sleep!Screenshot-21

Jordan comes to her rescue and throws a bottle of bliss at her.Screenshot-23

Then he throws an invigorating potion at her as well.Screenshot-24

He thought he could take the time to teach her to drive, but step-parents are denied that option! So, after grabbing a meal at the end of her shift, Linda gets a potion thrown at her to invigorate her too.Screenshot-25

And, because she’ll be driving around with a teen-ager, she gets a potent bliss potion thrown at her too.Screenshot-26

They get into the car and head out during very light traffic.Screenshot-27

But… the sun has been up for quite awhile by the time Sophie feels confident to drive around without supervision.Screenshot-29

A notice that prom would be on Wednesday meant that Sophie needed a date. Her best friend would probably be a young adult by then. After inviting first Mrs. and then Mr. Hoppcraft over with an invitation that included their son, the son couldn’t make it either time. BUT Sophie was able to chat with him and got the notice that he was attracted to her. Then, she quit talking and was waiting to be smooched. He shows up in a tux anticipating being with a star.Screenshot-32

Sophie had gotten rather bored waiting and was starting to play with her magic by the time he got there.Screenshot-33

Maybe they were both effected by the moonlight, but love was in the air.Screenshot-34

Sophie swooned as she saw the sim he could be.Screenshot-36

Their kiss seemed to transform him.Screenshot-37

Though the mundane matter of homework brought them both back down to earth.Screenshot-39

After Linda left for work and the little girls went to bed, Sophie and Jordan attacked the garden work. She harvested and he weeded.Screenshot-40

Then, he disappeared to the basement to research more alchemy and make more potions while she watched the cooking channel. Wow, this was insightful!Screenshot-41

When the little girls woke up, Sophie told them fairy tales.Screenshot-42

Then she made them waffles before school.Screenshot-43

Fall had come to Moonlight Falls. The mornings were cooler now, and the girls ran to get on the bus.Screenshot-44

With Linda sleeping in and the girls off to school, Jordan visited the consignment shop once more. He was at the top of his career now and had only to use some more potions to achieve his lifetime want.Screenshot-46

Next time there will be Prom events and more birthdays.