This is gen 3 of a random legacy.

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Jordan safely harvested honey in his toad form while consigning some of his potions. Screenshot-7

Little Lily sleeps with a long eared bunny bear as the long ears reminded me of a lily’s long leaves.Screenshot-8

Lana got a panda because it almost rhymes with her name. Maybe it’ll be easier to which babe is in which crib this way.Screenshot-9

Sophie loves Linda’s attention.Screenshot-10

She resents the time that Linda spends with the babes.Screenshot-11

Poor Jordan is literally still a toad, but he’s a good husband and father. Linda can see past the physical appearance and love the man for who he is inside.Screenshot-12

Having the twins means lots of interrupted sleep and often not getting dressed until much later in the day. Linda catches a few minutes of the cooking cable channel in an almost zombie state.Screenshot-13

Jordan bought more books for Sophie. She’ll never finish reading them all before she grows up, but it is something for her to do.Screenshot-14

Linda is older than Jordan so she sneaks out to drink from the fountain occasionally. (It was a truly awesome wedding present passed down to them from Jordan’s parents.)Screenshot-15

Sophie grew up without a party. Those twins just keep Linda and Jordan too busy to plan and enjoy a party.Screenshot-16

Sophie even had to braid her own hair before school the next day!Screenshot-17

But, Linda threw a party for the twins! She was so excited that they were finally growing up.Screenshot-18

Starting potty training was the first thing she did.Screenshot-19

Lily is a cutie with short hair and bangs.Screenshot-20

Lana has longer hair.Screenshot-21

After potty training, Linda runs off for another celebrity opportunity at the book store again.Screenshot-22

She jogs back home again in time to potty train the girls again. They are both learning quickly because Linda is so family-oriented.Screenshot-23

With Linda back at home, Jordan wanted to attend a party. He met this vampire…Screenshot-24

who apparently recognized him in his toad form!Screenshot-25

He had fun throwing bliss potions at everyone.Screenshot-26

Then, having lifted their fun and social, he left.Screenshot-27

Being a toad, one wonders if he even has teeth; but, just to safe, oral hygiene is maintained.Screenshot-31

Lily enjoys playing with the abacus.Screenshot-30

She thinks science is fascinating!Screenshot-29

The girls are usually just given a bottle on the floor. Who has time to put them in a high chair and make or get a meal for them and then to let them out and clean up afterwards?Screenshot-28

Linda finishes up their potty training before heading out for her first day of work.Screenshot-32

Having mastered speech already, Lily learns to walk.Screenshot-33

And Lana gets her turn in the play pen, learning to talk and having fun with the science of things and figuring out how things work.Screenshot-34

Linda had an opportunity after work and jogged home at night.Screenshot-35

Meanwhile, poor Jordan is still a big toad because he had to wait until his crops grew and then needed him to harvest them as well.Screenshot-37

But, finally, he makes the cure potion and uses it on himself.Screenshot-38

A little tired from her first day of work and jogging home, Linda can now veg in front of the cooking channel and try to raise her cooking and learn a new recipe (which she’s wanted ever since the first day!)Screenshot-39

Having the toddlers trained in everything is nice, but it will be better when they are bigger and stronger.Screenshot-40

Sophie has also mastered her children’s toys and had a wish to learning painting. Though she won’t be able to sell her painting, it did give her something to do besides talk to sims on the phone.Screenshot-42

Sophie was so happy seeing Linda eat one of the muffins that she had baked, she actually hugged Lily. Screenshot-43

What else will happen next? Will Sophie and the twins become friends? Will Jordan turn into a toad again or worse? Will Linda ever manage to learn all the cooking recipes while turning to work her way up the criminal career? And, will Linda ever actually get a boss? Find out, with me, later (maybe).

Take Two.