Gen 5

This is the roll for the fifth generation of the random legacy.

Go back to the fourth generation.


So, you probably already guessed the Equestrian and if you picked up on the clue given earlier, you also would have guessed the photographer part.

This time around, three rabbit holes must be partnered and we add the requirement to cook favorite meals and to cook for the pets. I don’t think that applies to horses.

This generation actually starts with the end of the last one here.

Then, they move to their new home here.

And, uh oh



2 responses to “Gen 5

  1. Katie Lou

    These are nice rolls, especially with you getting the child out of the way quickly! Both career rolls are ones I rarely choose for general game play so it’ll be nice to see you play around with them. Looking forward to Kyle’s generation!

    • Lots of my rolls have been ones that I would not have done or have not done before. I dabbled with the new stuff as EPs came out, but there was always lots of other stuff going on and a new EP out again before I really played much. So the Alchemist and the Equestrian and even the photographer are all careers I haven’t explored fully. The photography I have had fun doing because it appeals to the artist in me, but I don’t think I ever played it as the sole source of income for someone or as a career.

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