This is the fifth generation of a random legacy.

It really starts here.

Kgaff made this awesome ranch for a beach setting during the Round Robin.Screenshot-7

Our fifth generation will be enjoying life here. The horses on either side of Kyle were adopted as foals and the unicorn was invited to join the household before they moved.Screenshot-8

Star, with the four white stockings and blaze, is getting to know Mr.B, the unicorn, better. They weren’t best friends yet. Meanwhile, Ariel was racing on the track and got thirsty, so she’s getting a drink while Kyle is reading a cooking book. (His favorite food requires a level 8 skill and he’ll need to learn to prepare it someday.)Screenshot

This is Ariel back on the track. In the background is Kyle’s wife Lara. She’s scattering some hay.Screenshot-3

Lara doesn’t know the horses very well yet, so she approaches cautiously, letting them sniff her first.Screenshot-4

Kyle might wish he had some time to relax and play more, but he has horses to care for.Screenshot-5

After a nice brushing and nail cleaning, Star hits the track that Ariel has left for the fresh scattered hay.Screenshot-6

By the end of the day, all the horses grab some more hay and fresh water before settling in for the night.Screenshot-12

The stables include a great tack room where all the chests donated by MiaSkywalker have been added. (Thank you Mia!) These are left-over from the third generation’s alchemist (Jordan) who was a clone of his father.Screenshot-14

The tack room has four horse saddles, just as it has four stalls. There is, of course, a little room to expand, if necessary; but four seems a nice number for now.Screenshot-17

There’s a small room off the tack room for recharging or relaxing a bit.Screenshot-19

It has a mini-fridge, microwave, and hot water for drinks.Screenshot-20

It’s been a long day and our family is tired and ready for bed.Screenshot-21

There’s a little rec room where they added a bookcase they brought with them from Addy’s build last generation.Screenshot-26

The rec room is just off the main room by the front door.Screenshot-27

The house has an open floor plan and lots of space.Screenshot-35

This is the layout, with just some minor tweaks.Screenshot-38

Kyle’s up before the sun making some waffles.Screenshot-29

I did move the stove, as I wanted it with “cabinets” on either side.Screenshot-41

I also deleted the canning station and added the pizza and bakery ovens instead. The family will enjoy fresh baked bread and pies instead of preserves.Screenshot-43

Lara went to the consignment shop hoping to find a camera. She didn’t have any luck with that, but she did score a harvester. Nice! This is her first time using it, but she did manage to point it at the plants and harvest everything okay.Screenshot-45

Ariel scored some fresh produce and enjoyed it as she raced along the track.Screenshot-46

Since Ariel had the track, Star went running around the island.Screenshot-47

Mr.B, which is short for Bucephalus (a famous horse owned by Alexander the Great), went running along the beach.Screenshot-48

Eventually, they all returned home and Kyle lead Ariel off for a nap.Screenshot-49

Mr. B and Star enjoyed some fresh hay and a rainbow. Screenshot-50

The ranch is located right across from the equestrian center. How convenient is that?Screenshot-52

Kyle had the opportunity to attend a riding school with one of his horses. Star raised her riding skill to 10, but Kyle is still at level 9. Nonetheless, they managed a 3d place win in an international race. Nice job! Screenshot-53

While they were racing, Lara was learning about photography.Screenshot-54

Evening turned to night and Ariel got up from her nap to eat and drink a bit, but she was interrupted. Little Desi arrived!Screenshot-56

Desi looks just like her mama, but is more aggressive and brave like her papa, Mr.B.Screenshot-58

Kyle and Lara got up early, as always, to check on Ariel; but Lara was soon diverted from whatever she had planned to do.Screenshot-60

The sun was fully up and Ariel and Desi were napping….Screenshot-61

when Lara gave birth to her own little girl, Jillianne.Screenshot-62

Jillianne is brave, just like Desi; but she’s also artistic. Should I share with you what generation 6 goals are so you can see what lies ahead for Jillianne as well, or would you prefer to be surprised?




2 responses to “Babies

  1. Katie Lou

    Shhh… keep it secret!

    Lovely chapter, Desi is precious.

  2. surprised is always nice 🙂

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