This is the fifth generation of a random legacy.

Go back to uh oh.

The horses really love the granola.Screenshot-42

But, hand feeding it to them is for the birds.Screenshot-43

Ariel has mastered racing and is working on improving her jumping.Screenshot-44

Jillianne too is working on improving her skills.Screenshot-45

Lara is happy that Jillianne has learned to talk, but she’s especially happy to eat her favorite food – Goopy Carbonara.Screenshot-46

Now that Jillianne can walk and talk, there is one more skill to master…Screenshot-48

But, it’s late, so that will wait for another day.Screenshot-50

Star gets up in the middle of the night, while everyone else is sleeping, to eat.Screenshot-52

Apparently, EVERYONE else wasn’t sleeping; but the officer certainly was. The burglar got away.Screenshot-53

If you look closely, there is a burglar alarm by the big window; but it never went off when the burglar visited.Screenshot-54Oh well, another day, another pot of gourmet granola.Screenshot

Then, Kyle spends a little quality time with Jillianne.Screenshot-3

Outside, Mr. B may be bragging about the competitions last nights.Screenshot-4

There is roon to add high jumpers in the backyard; but mostly they are just added to appease a wish and then taken down and put back in storage.Screenshot-5

After getting up THREE times to eat during the night, Star finally gives birth.Screenshot-6

This is Carter and you can tell he takes after his sire, Mr. B; but he also got his mom’s blaze and darker skin coat.Screenshot-7

It’s nice to have another unicorn in the family.Screenshot-11

Jillianne is fully trained now and has mastered the xylophone too.Screenshot-14

While the foals stay close to their mamas…Screenshot-15

So too does Jillianne stay close to her mama.Screenshot-17

I’m not sure what I think about Carter’s two-tone pattern…Screenshot-18

But it’s unique.Screenshot-20

It’s time for Kyle and Mr. B to head to the competitions again.Screenshot-22

It’ll soon be time for everyone to eat and head to bed.Screenshot-25

Until then, little Carter, like his sire, leaves a wake of sparkles in his trail as he runs around.Screenshot-26

With both Kyle and Mr. B in great moods, they enter the arena.Screenshot-28

The other horses are tired and bedding down.Screenshot-29

But Kyle’s wife and daughter wait up for him.Screenshot-30

They won both international cross-country races tonight and Mr.B nuzzles Kyle.Screenshot-32

I made the mistake of getting that funky van just because they get so many lifetime reward points I feel I must spend. He had a perfectly awesome car in his inventory, but he popped into the van parked behind the other car in the driveway to go buy the rest of his required partnerships tonight.Screenshot-56

Aw, well, let’s end it there for the night, shall we?Screenshot-57

Tell me honestly, what do you think of little Carter, the unicorn?



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