Uh oh

This is the fifth generation of a random legacy.

Go back to babies.

There was a new foal to get to know, but Desi seemed more interested in playing than with getting to know Kyle.Screenshot

Kyle did eventually make friends with her before he took Star to the races and jumping competitions. (Ariel wanted to stay close to her foal.)Screenshot-2

As always, it was night by the time the competitions were over. They had tried a jumping competition for the first time and they’d won their advanced race.Screenshot-3

Desi was still up when Kyle got home, but he was too tired to become best friends with her yet.Screenshot-6

But Lara and Kyle dreamed of their horses.Screenshot-7

Up with the sun or soon after, there was always lots to do.Screenshot-9

Just curious, what is this spawning of a plant that doesn’t stay really all about?Screenshot-13

Kyle led Desi around for a bit, but he had to stay close to the track where Ariel was running.Screenshot-14

Lara took a break and watched some cooking show for a bit…Screenshot-15

but then it was back outside to pitch some hay for the horses.Screenshot-16

Star didn’t like to jump those scary high jumps without Kyle on her back. With him, she had no problems clearing them.Screenshot-17

Another day came and went on the ranch.Screenshot-19

This night Kyle rode Mr.B to a big victory with 2400 in prize money. Nice!Screenshot-22

While everyone else bedded down for the night, Mr.B enjoyed some fresh hay.Screenshot-26

Kyle was a great dad, getting up in the middle of the night to care for Jillianne.Screenshot-28

As dawn approached, Lara got up while Kyle slept.Screenshot-29

Soon, another day was in full bloom.Screenshot-31

It was a very special day for Jillianne…Screenshot-32

But was really just another day full of chores for her parents.Screenshot-33

Lara did get some time to finally become a best friend to Desi.Screenshot-34

Star wanted to have a foal too. So she invited Mr. B into her stall.Screenshot-35

They made a little hay in the middle of the day.Screenshot-36

So, while one father was potty trained his little girl…Screenshot-37

The other one was strutting his stuff.Screenshot-38

And then… we made the discovery that there is food you can make for horses… granola!Screenshot-39

Oops! Well, expect more granola in the future!Screenshot-41

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