Another Race

This is generation four for a random legacy.

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Kyle spent time grooming Star so she’d look her best.Screenshot

Then he left her to eat and drink and took off on Ariel for the races.Screenshot-2

It was Ariel’s first advanced competition, so placing in the top quarter was good.Screenshot-3

Unfortunately it took too long to swap out horses, and Star didn’t get to race. So, Kyle took her for a long ride.Screenshot-4

Back home, Ariel worked on improving her racing skills.Screenshot-6

When Kyle got home, he invited over a gal from school.Screenshot-7

She was excited to help celebrate Lily’s birthday.Screenshot-8

She stuck around to help Kyle with his homework.Screenshot-9

Kyle wasn’t excited about school, or about the paparazzi that hung out in front of his gate. Screenshot-10

A second set of racing posts meant that both Star and Ariel could train at the same time. (Later one horse would use both sets of posts at the same time.)Screenshot-11

This is Star posing for the picture. She really is a gorgeous horse too. I love her four white stockings and the white blaze as well as her white mane and tail.Screenshot-12

Star informs Ariel that she doesn’t like being called piggy (even though she is).Screenshot-13

Kyle’s stress level started getting high right at the end of school. He did manage to bring his C up to a low B today while meeting new sims and then talking to his friends. (The holiday on Thursdays and graduation on Friday meant that this was really his first day at high school despite the fact that he was Prom King on his birthday on Wednesday.)Screenshot-14

Lily still stays after school to lecture, so Kyle gets help from other sims who are hanging out at the park.Screenshot-15

By the time his mom gets home to care for Ariel, Kyle has taken Star to the races.Screenshot-16

They placed nicely in their first race and then won the second. Both were advanced races, so they are quite proud of themselves. (And so am I!)Screenshot-17

Kyle takes the time to give Ariel and a carrot and promise her that tomorrow will be her turn.Screenshot-19

That’s where we all turned in for the night. 😉

Next, the unicorn.

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