Big Days

This is the fourth generation of a random legacy.

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Kristin celebrates her new status as a young adult by proposing to Hunter.Screenshot

The appearance once again of the unicorn seems to be a positive sign.Screenshot-6

Hunter and Kristin have a private wedding.Screenshot-7

Star is again blessed by the unicorn, whether the wedding union will be or not.Screenshot-9

Hunter and Kristin sleep in Lily’s double bed that night.Screenshot-10

The wise unicorn explains love to the young colt.Screenshot-11

The next morning, there is just one colt that needs a bottle.Screenshot-34

After her bottle, Ariel enjoys rolling around.Screenshot-35

Lily is up early, as always, and decides to play some chess outside.Screenshot-37

Then, it’s graduation day for both Hunter and Kristin, followed immediately by moving out to their new home.Screenshot-38

They are greeted at their new home by all the wild horses.Screenshot-39

Since Kyle has the day off school, he goes for a gentle walk on Star.Screenshot-40

Since Star didn’t toss him off, he rewards her with carrots while thinking of the epic party he threw for his sister’s birthday.Screenshot-44

Then, he tries trotting on Star. That was a bit bumpier.Screenshot-45

Ariel just spent the day socializing with the wild horses.Screenshot-46

And Lily spent the day working out as she had yet another celeb challenge to work-out for four hours.Screenshot-47

Now she is a full five-star celeb!Screenshot-48

Ariel wonders about fleas and is told that, happily, only dogs and cats have to worry about them.Screenshot-49

Content with life, Ariel take the next step and transitions into a beautiful mare.Screenshot-53

Kyle reads up on riding…Screenshot-54

And Lily catches up on gardening.Screenshot-56

Then, she tells Ariel how beautiful she is and that she’ll be a great photographer’s model.Screenshot-59

Then Ariel works on her racing skills. She is fast, but she wants to be faster.Screenshot-60

Another day begins with the horses quenching their thirst while Lily again is in the garden. (They won’t both drink from the same one.)Screenshot-61

They enjoy the fresh hay scattered from a big bale directly on the ground.Screenshot-63

As Kyle saddles Ariel, his half-brother Karl swings by and waves still wearing his graduation gown.Screenshot-64

I’m not sure if Kyle is more spooked by the ice cream truck hanging out in front of their house or by the squad car that is apparently following him;Screenshot-65

but, his confidence has improved and he pushes Ariel to gallop.Screenshot-66

Then they return home to practice going through the racing poles together.Screenshot-67

Two horses can share the same trough, but only if one is eating hay while the other is drinking water.Screenshot-68

Kyle takes Star galloping by Kristin and Hunter’s house.Screenshot-70

They enter, and win first place in, a beginner’s racing competition.Screenshot-71

Meanwhile, back at home, Lily finally maxed her logic skill.Screenshot-72

Ariel too wanted to enter a race, so Kyle dismounts from Star and mounts Arial.Screenshot-73

They too place first in their beginner racing competition.Screenshot-75

Kyle gallops home on Ariel and they all go to bed for the night. (Me too!)Screenshot-76

Next up… another race.


3 responses to “Big Days

  1. Katie Lou

    Ariel is especially gorgeous, I love the black mane and white tail combo. The riding skill is one of my favourites, so I am adoring these horsey posts and can’t wait for the next!

    • Here, I have always been wishing that her tail matched her mane! That coat she has is almost translucent at times. I really, really lucked out with her.

      • Katie Lou

        I almost never get mismatched colourings so it’s really nice to see it on Ariel. You certainly did luck out with her. Happy riding!

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