This is the end of the fourth generation and the beginning of the fifth of a random legacy.

Last chapter was the unicorn.

Bright and early the next morning, Kyle calls his friend and invites her to come over. He is still under the blessing of the unicorn and has been up all night from the potent invigorating potion.Screenshot-42

He has already scattered the hay for the horses.Screenshot-43

Now he surprises his friend with a birthday cake.Screenshot-44

They all enjoy birthday cake for breakfast.Screenshot-47

And now that she is a young adult, Kyle starts romancing her.Screenshot-48

He has graduation today, but chooses not to go anywhere the group can’t go.Screenshot-49

So he gets his diploma at home along with his class’ assurance that he’ll be a sports star some day.Screenshot-50

Graduation aside, it’s time for the romancing.Screenshot-51

Kyle’s not slow. He pops the question right away.Screenshot-52

She says, “Yes! O M G yes!!!”Screenshot-53

Then they have a private wedding.Screenshot-54

That means that the fifth generation has officially started and Lily, who made it to the top of the education profession as a five-star celeb and achieved her lifetime wish to be rich and famous, while always having to clean up after herself, now moves out of Addy’s sweet home to a quiet little place on the edge of town.Screenshot-55

Life goes on pretty much the same without her. The horses socialize with the other horses in the neighborhood as they go to and from the nearby park and meadows.Screenshot-56

Ariel finally gets her chance to shine at the races. She too won an advanced race and was entered in an international race just for the experience.Screenshot-57

Kyle takes time to brush her before heading home, so she doesn’t get impatient from wearing a saddle too long.Screenshot-58

This night, Kyle asks the unicorn to join the household.Screenshot-59

The request is sent out promisingly,Screenshot-60

but is denied.Screenshot-61

Nonetheless, the unicorn does bestow a blessing on Kyle.Screenshot-62

Kyle is best friends with at least three others as well as the unicorn, so he tries again.Screenshot-63

After joining the household, we find out that Mr.B is ornery and therefore more likely to turn down approaches.Screenshot-65

Mr.B leaves a sparkly trail behind him as he enters the padlock.Screenshot-66

He wants to sniff the mares and become best friends them both.Screenshot-67

After some nuzzling and socializing, Mr. B and Ariel go off to be alone for awhile.Screenshot-69

Ariel finds herself in a delicate condition and is pampered by Kyle who pumps fresh water for her.Screenshot-70

When Star wakes up and goes to eat, Kyle mounts Mr.B..Screenshot-71

They gallop off with a trail of sparkles behind.Screenshot-72

Unicorns are super fast! Look at the trail vapor!Screenshot-73

Today, is graduation day again.Screenshot-74

So, Kyle and Mr. B return from their ride…Screenshot-76

So Kyle can see his wife graduate.Screenshot-77

She also has pleasant news for him.Screenshot-79

Next time, maybe you’ll learn the bride’s name! 😉


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