Foals are Precious

This is the fourth generation of a random legacy.

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Lily gets up early on Sunday and goes to library to max her charisma.Screenshot

Everyone grabs some breakfast and Karl takes the opportunity to call a lost friend and then get a job in the medical career.Screenshot-2

Kristin goes out to feed Star.Screenshot-3

Then, there is another graduation to celebrate.Screenshot-6

Lily drives off immediately (as there is a copy of her car stuck in Karl’s inventory and she doesn’t want to lose hers when he moves out).Screenshot-7

She drives to the gym, which is right next to Karl’s new place. Screenshot-8

Kristin spends much of the morning getting better acquainted with Star…Screenshot-9

While Lily gets acquainted with the gym equipment. She hasn’t worked out a day in her life, but now she has the opportunity to help make a difference in her celeb image.Screenshot-10

Kyle is recycling the paper and this time, there is a recycle bin.Screenshot-12

As he feeds Star her noon time bottle, another foal is delivered (because Kristin wanted one too).Screenshot-13

Kyle knows that you have to keep all your fingers together when extending a hand to a horse so they don’t mistake your fingers as little carrots.Screenshot-14

He praises her for being so nice and gentle.Screenshot-15

While he’s caring for Ariel, the paparazzi take lots of pictures.Screenshot-16

Star doesn’t seem to mind another foal around. She gallops off and rolls around, scratching her back.Screenshot-17

Doesn’t she look so very contented?Screenshot-18

Lily comes home exhausted from working out and gets acquainted with Star while Kyle makes friends with Ariel.Screenshot-19

Before too long, Kyle and Ariel are best friends and leads her into the backyard.Screenshot-20

Then, it’s time for Kristin to meet Ariel.Screenshot-23

Lily makes friends with Star while Kristin makes friends with Ariel. Making friends makes it much easier to bottle feed the foals.Screenshot-24

Look who showed up in the meadow again!Screenshot-25

Ariel watched for awhile and then ran up to get acquainted.Screenshot-26

Star watched for awhile as Ariel expressed how much she loved watching the birds fly around. The unicorn shared the insects perception of the birds as predators, which was much different.Screenshot-30

Ariel ran off to bed and Star then became better acquainted with the unicorn.Screenshot-31

With unicorns, Spring, and thoughts of prom looming, Kristin invites over her best friend. Even though it’s late and he’s tired, he comes right over.Screenshot-32

Lily worries about Kristin falling too quickly for her first love.Screenshot-33

Will she make the same mistakes Lily did?Screenshot-34

Does Kristin see the true personality or the image?Screenshot-35

Meanwhile, with the foals in bed for the night, Kyle decides to work out. He wants to get in shape to ride his horses some day.Screenshot-36

The foals are always hungry first thing in the morning.Screenshot-37

But even if they are starving, they won’t accept a bottle from a stranger.Screenshot-38

Once fed, the two foals get to know each other.Screenshot-39

Though a horse won’t play with a foal, two foals will play together all day long.Screenshot-40

It’s Monday, but there is no school or work today because of the weekend’s graduation. Kristin harvests the plants from their garden.Screenshot-43

Lily had another celeb opportunity to eat at a restaurant and then promote it to three others. While attempted to do so, she was interrupted for a picture and the friend to whom she was going to promote the restaurant decided to read a book.Screenshot-44

Back at home, Kristin is entirely too happy to be doing the laundry. She must be thinking about prom, love, and a certain guy.Screenshot-45

Lily gets up before the sun to give a starving Star a bottle.Screenshot-47

By the time the sun is up, the foals are galloping around playing chase with each other.Screenshot-49

Don’t you love the way the food processor disappears to clean counter underneath it?!Screenshot-50

While the sims are off to work and school, the foals get acquainted with other horses.Screenshot-51

One does have to wonder why they are attracted to the uneven terrain here.Screenshot-54

Next… Star Shines.



2 responses to “Foals are Precious

  1. Katie Lou

    I loved this update. The foals are absolutely darling!

  2. The foals are so cute! 🙂

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