Growing Up

This is the fourth generation of a random legacy.

Go back to Lily.

Karen had her young adult birthday and changed into her graduation robes the next day. She didn’t want to go to City Hall for her diploma and she didn’t want a super cheap starter home either. She ended up with a nice little place where she can write and paint in peace.Screenshot

Soon after Karen left to start her adventures, Lily felt the first pangs of labors.Screenshot-2

Lily decided she NEVER wanted to go through that again. Maybe she’d get over this dazed and utter hopeless feeling soon.Screenshot-5

She invited a good friend of hers to come over and talked about the pros and cons of raising children.Screenshot-8

In the end, Lily bounced out of her depression and again enjoyed interacting with the little ones.Screenshot-9

Kyle needed his own crib, as Kristin wasn’t quite ready for real bed yet. So, Lily made room for a crib in her bedroom.Screenshot-10

The gift-giving holiday arrived. Karl was hoping for some updated photo editing software, but Lily said she hadn’t thought to buy any computer software or hardware this year. Maybe, next time.Screenshot-13

There’s always that one guest that shows up uninvited with whom you wonder what to talk about. Karl just ignored the guests and texted with his Dad. Screenshot-16

He got a new teddy bear and baker’s oven… so NOT what he wanted! Lily got another chess set. Were people trying to tell her something?! It was nice seeing Karen again and friend she’d invited over earlier when she was depressed.Screenshot-19

That depression was a thing of the past now. Lily went to another party later that day and was recognized as a celeb. Doesn’t she look happy?Screenshot-21

Of course, that meant the kids needed a nanny again. This time however, the agency sent someone who appeared to have more fashion sense.Screenshot-22

She actually spent some time playing with Kyle.Screenshot-23

Kristin didn’t finish all the book before growing up, but she did finish all the skill books.Screenshot-24

Eventually, it was Kyle’s birthday.Screenshot-26

Kristin made him a muffin. 🙂Screenshot-27

He had a good time at his party, but then he was very tired and ready for bed.Screenshot-28

Next… Life and Homework.

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