Horses are Work

This is generation four of a random legacy.

Go back to Star Shines.

Star randomly decided to graze on grass in the meadow nearby…Screenshot-7

While Kyle and Ariel played chase.Screenshot-8

But eating hay and drinking from her water trough is more convenient.Screenshot-11

After Kyle goes to school, Ariel socialized with the wild horses. (Isn’t it crazy how they always seem to go to high ground to talk?! Fortunately there is a mod at modthesims that allows for conversing on uneven terrain without route failure.)Screenshot-12

Ariel eventually returns home.Screenshot-13

Kristin gets home from school first. So she brushes Ariel…Screenshot-14

And gives her a bottle.Screenshot-15

Then, Ariel went back to socializing with the wild horses.Screenshot-16

Kyle came home from school, needing to do lots of things, but then it was time for his birthday celebration.Screenshot-18

Hmmm, I think you take after your dad a lot. Go off to prom now.Screenshot-20

With both teens at the high school dance, Lily has to take care of the horses by herself.Screenshot-21

Leading the horse through the house, though, is NOT going to work out well!Screenshot-22

After grooming Star, Lily takes a break and enjoys a sandwich.Screenshot-23

Then, she goes back outside to care for Ariel.Screenshot-25

Star has gained a couple racing skills. All that racing makes her really thirsty.Screenshot-26

Late in the evening, the unicorn appears next door again.Screenshot-27

By this time, the dance is over. Kyle is having problems teleporting home. The reception at the school must not be very good. Lily went to pick him up.Screenshot-29

Meanwhile, Star went to talk to the unicorn.Screenshot-30

And received a blessing. But, she was all tired out by then and just went back to her stable to sleep for the night.Screenshot-31

Everyone else had already gone to bed for the night except the wild horses, I think.

What’s next? Blessings!




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