Life and Homework

This is the fourth generation of a random legacy.

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Kristin gave Lily a gift…Screenshot

It was one of her favorite chocolate cookies! She ate it while Karl ate his favorite veggie rolls.Screenshot-2

Karl has already decided to be a surgeon some day. He has really advanced logic skills!Screenshot-4

Since Karl spends a lot of time on the PC, Lily has to play on her laptop when she finds time.Screenshot-5

As much as Lily feels that play pens emphasize a lack of direct supervision, she surely is glad that she can put Kyle there as runs around collecting and putting away laundry.Screenshot-6

She does get a lot of quality time with her son, but that will change soon when she starts her new job on Monday.Screenshot-8

Everyone is growing up so quickly. Karl took a few seconds break from the computer to cheer his birthday.Screenshot-9

Hmmpft! Bushy eyebrows are just so… bushy, er, unkempt looking.Screenshot-10

Lily saw Lief at a party and told him his son had grown up to really, really love computers. Lief expressed the wish that he appreciated art a bit more as he did.Screenshot-11

Back at home again, Lily is relieved that Kyle is now potty trained and can be left safely in the hands of questionable babysitters.Screenshot-12

The best strategy to circumvent babysitter derailment is to place lots of books out. (Babysitters might pick out a book for themselves to read, but rarely pick up or get out books for their charges.) Older children can fend for themselves fairly well.Screenshot-16

Why does Lily need a babysitter on a weekend? She has another teenager who needs driving lessons!Screenshot-17

After teaching Karl to drive (and trimming his eye brows), Lily does a little work from home in prep for her big day tomorrow!Screenshot-18

At least the baby sitter is in the same room as Kyle even if she complete ignores his need for social interaction.Screenshot-20

The days never seem long enough. Everyone rushes to eat.Screenshot-21

Then, Lily helps Karl with his homework while Kristin talks to her dad on the phone.Screenshot-22

The next day brings another questionable babysitter who thinks he is Mr. Romance.Screenshot-23

Oh well, another day, another promotion, another meal, and more homework.Screenshot-24

Then, Lily gets some time to actually work from home while Karl helps his little sister with her homework.Screenshot-25

Life often seems to be a rut with a few celeb opportunities and maybe a work opportunity thrown in now and then. Of course, there are a few parties to liven things up too.

Next, More Growing.



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