Star Shines

This is generation four of a random legacy.

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While the rest of the family is off at work and school, the foals go wandering far afield. So far, in fact, that Star took a water taxi to get where the wild horses were.Screenshot

The horses like to congregate far away from humans by day. They don’t have any hay to eat, so they cover a wide range is search of enough grass.Screenshot-2

This camp ground offers a fresh source of water and a bit of shelter.Screenshot-3

After spending the morning with the wild horses, the foals had a long gallop home. Star arrived just as Kristin returned from school.Screenshot-4

Star was very hungry by then and so glad to see Kristin and a bottle.Screenshot-5

Meanwhile, Lily got another promotion at work. That face! It seems to say, “If I wouldn’t have gotten this promotion, things would have been ugly!”Screenshot-6

Kyle immediately began playing with Star when he got home while Kristin then fed Ariel.Screenshot-7

Ah, life is good!Screenshot-8

BUT, maybe we shouldn’t play chase in the garden!Screenshot-9

After feeding the foals, Kristin makes her favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.Screenshot-10

Then she goes to the park to get some help with her homework. Apparently her helper is more concerned with getting a sandwich than with algebra.Screenshot-11

Kyle’s had a lot of fun playing with the foals and now he takes a moment to enjoy the beautiful vista of the park at sunset.Screenshot-12

The two foals groom each other while the others do homework.Screenshot-13

“Yeah, my mom is school teacher; but she’s busy giving lectures at school. Thank you for helping me with contractions. They are confusing!”Screenshot-14

So, after resolving homework issues, it’s time to celebrate Star’s transition from foal to horse.Screenshot-15

Yes, Star it’s your moment to shine. How beautiful you are!Screenshot-16

It’s evening now and the wild horses have returned the meadow next door where Star quenches her thirst.Screenshot-17

She doesn’t stay to socialize. She’s hungry and tired from a busy day. Everyone goes to bed fairly early for a change.Screenshot-18

Lily thankfully doesn’t need much sleep and manages to wake up and jog out back just as Ariel is waking, starving for a bottle. (You just can’t feed a foal who isn’t hungry enough before they go to bed.)Screenshot-19

Kristin has made waffles for breakfast and is excited to see that her brother likes them. She is easily impressed by little things like that.Screenshot-20

So, we’ll leave the family at the start of a new day, wondering what transitions await.

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One response to “Star Shines

  1. Katie Lou

    Little Kyle seems so full of energy, it’s lucky he has the horses to chase around and play with… and tire him out! Star, of course, is a beauty. Enjoying this so much!

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