This is the fourth generation of a random legacy.

Go back to another race.

Another morning starts with Lily scattering hay for the horses.Screenshot

Kyle’s job is washing the breakfast dishes.Screenshot-2

He’s not so excited about that mundane chore. He’d rather be texting his friends.Screenshot-3

With the sims off to work and school, the horses romp in the field next door socialize with each other and any wild horses running around.Screenshot-5

After school, Kyle stops in the park for homework help and one of his friends joins the impromptu study session. As one of only two female teens that Kyle knows, she’s hoping to be Kyle’s choice for his future spouse.Screenshot-9

Then it’s time to head to the races. Kyle again rides Star.Screenshot-11

It was Ariel’s turn, but she is socializing with the unicorn.Screenshot-12

Lily has just one more promotion ahead of her, so she does a little work from home to ensure that she’ll get that last promotion tomorrow.Screenshot-13

Kyle and Star win the advanced race, but not the international one.Screenshot-14

Ariel spent the whole time socializing with, and nuzzling, the unicorn.Screenshot-16

Star joins them and receives a blessing.Screenshot-18

Then, Ariel too is blessed.Screenshot-20

She stays all night hanging out with the unicorn until he disappears just before dawn.Screenshot-21

Kyle is intrigued by the only other female teen he knows. He calls and chats with her before school every day.Screenshot-23

When his mom gets her last promotion, she doesn’t need to stay late and give lectures; so she offers Kyle a ride home with her, but he is stressed from the day and prefers to jog home.Screenshot-24

It’s time for Lily to grill this prospective future bride of Kyle. “Have you ever been busted for breaking curfew?”Screenshot-25

She finds the grilling comical.Screenshot-26

We learn that she is a vegetarian with a photographer’s eye, but she’s also a bit hot-headed. (Photographer’s eye cinches it. You’ll see why later!)Screenshot-27

Lily wants to make sure that this young lady graduates well.Screenshot-28

So, they plop down right where they are so that Lily can tutor her.Screenshot-29

Meanwhile Kyle and Star have been racing again. (Yes, it was Ariel’s turn but she stayed up at all night and slept all day, so she’s eating and drinking and galloping around.)Screenshot-30

Kyle doesn’t ride Star home today. He laughs at the curfew looming ahead.Screenshot-31

The curfew no longer applies to him. He has transitioned – cowboy boots, leopard shorts, a leather jacket, and all!Screenshot-32

Fortunately, he changes into outerwear and runs off to greet the unicorn.Screenshot-34

Kyle offers him perfect carrots.Screenshot-35

Because it is the end of a long day and this generation is a “hands off” one, Lily brings a potent invigorating potion to Kyle.Screenshot-36

She jogs back home to bed as Kyle takes the potion.Screenshot-37

Then he has plenty of energy to stay up all night getting better acquainted with this gorgeous stallion.Screenshot-38

The unicorn becomes his friend and blesses him.Screenshot-39

Kyle stays all night with the unicorn.Screenshot-40

But as dawn approaches, the unicorn disappears.Screenshot-41

What will tomorrow bring? Changes?


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