Random Legacy

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Little Ty finally was old enough for a birthday. Yay!

But, Kat wouldn’t place him on the floor to age up and continue the party; so TCE was used.

He turned out with a nice blend of his parent’s skin tones and with his mothers hair and eye color.

But there was a problem where all interactions involving picking him up dropped from their queues. So, they moved to an empty lot and back again.

They could interact normally with Ty at the library, but not when back home on the lot.

I tried expanding it to give more room to pick him up.

I rearranged a little bit and added some windows for the basement.

I really loved the look of their home.

Inside there should have been enough room to pick up Ty, but… nothing was working!

Sadly, the cute basement would never know the Silver kids’ presence. I gave up and moved the family out for good. (Maybe the basement caused a weird problem. I’ll have to delete the basement and add a second floor instead.)

On to Tot!