Random Legacy.

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Ashley reminds Kat that she has a wedding to plan.Screenshot

Then she goes off to work in her greenhouse.Screenshot-2

Now that Tiberius has made it to the top of the video gaming career, he does dress for success.Screenshot-3

He has maxed his athletic skills and is no longer just a nerd.Screenshot-4

This is one of Ty’s high school class mates.Screenshot-5

Apparently they find each other attractive.Screenshot-6

But, Ty’s is just a young teen yet and finds learning to drive more appealing at the moment.Screenshot-7

Having a teen-ager has aged Kat.Screenshot-8

But she still has a baby to make her feel younger, right?Screenshot-10

Well, babies don’t stay babies forever. Katrina has her father’s eyes.Screenshot-12

This is another of Ty’s classmates.Screenshot-11

They also find each other attractive.Screenshot-13

One day, Tiberius was reading to Katrina in the library…Screenshot-14

When she was reset back to the home lot…Screenshot-15

Leaving her Imaginary Friend behind! Screenshot-16

So, her brother took her back to the library and read stories with her.

At the end of the day, Kat and Tiberius were sleeping in Ty’s bed more often so he could get more quality sleep. Their jobs started much later in the day than his school did.

The next day, Ashley returned to the library with Katrina to read more books with her.Screenshot

Kat went to the library too as she wanted to max her cooking skill. She was getting bored with maternity leave!Screenshot-3

The day of prom arrived. It was early spring and still required dressing warmly.Screenshot-4

With Ty off to Prom and a party at the neighbors, Ashley invited Christopher over.Screenshot-6

Ashley is really in love with that sim.Screenshot-9

He makes her so excited, she almost forgot it was her birthday.Screenshot-10

She gave herself a really nice present. 😀Screenshot-12

And she invited Christopher to spend the night.Screenshot-14

Prom night was a late night for Ty and he put off his homework until the next morning. His dad helped him finish just before the school bus arrived.Screenshot-15

Christopher lounged around in his pajamas most of the day.Screenshot-16

Kat had an opportunity to paint street art any where in town. She chose City Hall.Screenshot-17

Back at home, Tiberius has achieved his LTW of maxing logic and handiness; and, he’s working on maxing his writing skill. He has written Three Sims and a Baby as well as a flop called Yikes… Tykes!Screenshot-18

Kat has already maxed four skills and Tiberius wants to even the score.Screenshot-20

With Ashley becoming an adult, she has taken up dumpster diving.Screenshot-21

With all the produce secure in a green house, this deer looks at the plants longingly.Screenshot-22

That’s all for now, but it’s not the end.