Random Legacy

Back to Winter.

Kat and Tiberius didn’t spend any time at home between terms. They immediately registered for the term and returned to campus.screenshot

After arriving at campus, they called up their old friends…screenshot-3

And they met new ones.screenshot-4

Kat was happy to have a fellow jock as a roomie.screenshot-5

On her way to the meet and greet, she saw her friend Ashley and congradulated her on graduating already.screenshot-7

Tiberius took the time to get to know Ashley better, since they hoped to have Ashley move in with them after college.screenshot-9

For Kat, there was a lot of partying this time around.screenshot-11

Tiberius mostly stuck to the dorm since he found social activities challenging.screenshot-12

Kat attended a lecture in the lecture hall at the university center; but someone had taken her normal seat up front. (This is the way I redo the University Center with the bathrooms at the back of the lecture hall and the vending machines and arcade games in the entry.)screenshot-14

Tiberius needs handiness and logic for his Technology degree. So he upgraded all the showers and toilets in the dorm to be unbreakable.screenshot-16

Kat needs charisma and social networking for her business degree, so she attends all the parties she can.screenshot-17

I think she is looking a bit more confident as she gives her business presentation to the professor.screenshot-19

Ashley has aced her tests again…screenshot-21

And goes out to celebrate.screenshot-23

While Tiberius aced his exams too, he is stuck at the dorm fixing a broken dishwasher.screenshot-25

Kat, after making it the top of the jocks clique, decided to make it to top of the rebel clique as well. She gained some street art skill tagging the dorm wall because the dorm walls need some moderizing.screenshot-27

After maxing his handiness skills, Tiberius enjoys building his logic skill with a game of chess on the computer.screenshot-28