Random Legacy

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Tiberius liked to hang out at Keith’s Comics before and after his group activity there. Already a top nerd, Tiberius is gaining status with the jocks.screenshot-30

He does, however, still enjoy pursuits of the mind best.screenshot-32

One roommate actually made strawberry pancakes. Yum!screenshot-34

During another of the endless parties this term, Kat hangs out with her best friend Ashley.screenshot-35

Tiberius has gained many friends and increased his social skills a lot. He can easily hang out with most of his roomies without being too ackward.screenshot-36

Having made it to the top of both the jock and rebel cliques, Kat embraces the way of the nerds.screenshot-37

She has learned that if she shows up early for group activities and hangs out there, it counts for class time without actually requiring her to mindlessly participate.screenshot-38

The same works at the university center lectures as long as you arrive before being sent there. Otherwise, it’s the same as skipping class.screenshot-39

Well, that was the final exam that Tiberius just aced.screenshot-40

Kat too aced her tests.screenshot-42

So, it’s time for some fun.screenshot-43

Tiberius actually goes to the bonfire party this time. (Kat’s in the background there.)screenshot-45

Kat is happy with her 4.o GPA, achieving her LTW.screenshot-46

Everyone seems to have done well with Tiberius getting a 4.0 in classes this time around too.screenshot-47

(I use a mod that causes sims to use all the doors for schools and university. Maybe, as a result of that, Tiberius did not change into a cap and gown.)screenshot-48

Kat, however, did change into a gown and the happy couple took a picture to remember this day.screenshot-51

Then, they said good-bye to all their friends and headed home.screenshot-52