Term One

Random Legacy

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As Kat explored the university, she kept thinking about Tiberius’ kisses.screenshot-2

To distract herself from her thoughts, she’d go dumpster diving.screenshot-4

She’d also hang out with other jocks practising soccer skills.screenshot-5

She visited the garden area on campus so she’d be able to make salad, if needed.screenshot-7

And, she really got into dumpster diving as a way to finance her education.screenshot-8

Fortunately, at least one of her roommates was a good cook; so Kat never had to cook.screenshot-9

She wasn’t sure what the future held in store, but she found solace in Tiberius’ arms.screenshot-11

She spent a lot of time hanging with her fellow jocks.screenshot-12

It helped calm her nerves before the big business presentation.screenshot-14

And afterwards, Kat knew how to ease the tension.screenshot-16

Though invited to several parties, the sims never managed to get home in time to host them. It didn’t matter, Kat enjoyed hanging with her roomies.screenshot-17

She also really enjoyed hanging out with other friends, particularly Ashley. (Ashley is a family-oriented sim who wants to be surrounded by family.)screenshot-19

The first term passed quickly with Kat acing her final exam despite never studying or even making friends with the professor.screenshot-21

Instead, Kat worked on her charisma skills and social networking. Her wit, such as suggesting a nice urn when some mentioned starving, was dry, but intriguing.screenshot-22

Then it was time for one more kiss…screenshot-23

Before heading home…screenshot-24

Where she was greeted by the sight of that uni welcome package.screenshot-25

She took the aptitude test, but it only offered some physical education credits. All that jogging around campus and practising soccer had paid off. But she didn’t get any farther ahead in her business pursuits.screenshot-26

Kat tried on the free t-shirt and started catching up with her uni friends.screenshot-27

She told them she was going against gender bias and would be popping the question soon.screenshot-28

Since Kat hadn’t learned any cooking skills, she made herself a salad from the garden produce and then went to bed.screenshot-29

She popped the question to Tiberius the very next day.screenshot-30

They had a private ceremony…screenshot-33

and then headed back to university.screenshot-35

They arrived back before anyone else.screenshot-36

They claimed Kat’s old room, and a check out the windows showed it was just the two of them.screenshot-37

They had changed clothes and left the dorm before their new roommates appeared.screenshot-38

Tiberius even attended a charisma class, and Kat increased her jock status (becoming much more charismatic), before the meet and greet for the new term.screenshot-39

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