Random Legacy

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Little Ty had grown up into a nice looking tot.Screenshot

But, their small home didn’t offer the room that the library did.Screenshot-2

And, at the library, it was easy to enjoy being outdoors as well.Screenshot-4

They had moved from their nice home to another temporarily and Ty enjoyed working on his charisma skill with the play pen mirror. (I use a mod from modthesims to keep the needs from improving while skilling.)Screenshot-5

Apparently someone’s desire to improve logic brought a late night visitor.Screenshot-8

Ty contemplates the joys of real food versus a bottle.Screenshot-10

Tiberius enjoys going to work in random t-shirts while other business men wear suits.Screenshot-11

The family moved back to their old home once again.Screenshot

The main floor remained pretty much the same with just a few things rearranged and that back stoop a little roomier now.Screenshot-2

However, instead of a basement, they now had a second floor.Screenshot-3

The house kept its cute roof line. It just grew taller. (They did, however, still have problems trying to interact in the kitchen and living room.)Screenshot-5

Ty was, by this time, ready to age up into a child. (I’m not sure if he has his mom’s or his dad’s nose, but I’m think those lips are Kat’s.)Screenshot-6

Ty rushes out to meet the paper girl.Screenshot-7

Then, the family has a feast party and invites over Kat’s boss and the one co-worker Kat didn’t meet until after her maternity leave.Screenshot-8

Of course, Ashley’s fiance was also invited.Screenshot-11

He stayed later than the other guests and enjoyed a late dinner with Ashley.Screenshot-12

You really have to love those random t-shirts for work!Screenshot-13

So, Ty is level seven at work and I think Kat is level five. They both easily get promoted all the time, but Kat missed a lot of work on maternity leave.

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