I like to build, play, and share pictures from my Sims 3 game.

A story for the Sweet Simtember gift exchange: Slurpee!

My latest story: The Middle of Nowhere

Here is a build and share home and story.

I love Island Paradise from one of the Sims 3 Expansion packs. So I rebuilt some houses and lots there and found a family to test out the world.

So, we start with Meet the Medinas, a recently divorced Sim dad with a toddler. ((Day 1))

Teo Medinas is Hopeful for Hinni, a Babe on the Beach Sim. ((Day 2))

It seems Hinni had a previous love interest. Who is the Sim she did NOT marry? ((Day 3))

And who is the Sim left out?

Look around and see Lots of Love.

Enjoy the Good Life!

And Then…

The Passage of Time

A Perfect Day


Quick Stop

Vacationing at Hobarts

5 Stars

Happy Hans

Interesting Ichtacas

The Loner

The Scientist

No Commitment Flo

The Other Ichtaca


A non-IP story from SV: Claire

A story from ST: For Lady


2 responses to “Stories

  1. Michele

    I like the way you’ve set up your blog! Makes me want to work on mine! 🙂

    • It took me long enough. I got a site back when Sims 3 came out, but I found it so awkward, I gave up on it. Then, I got a site again just to comment on another blog. So, two years later, as I am feed up with Photobucket, I forced myself to figure things out. Posts are added as bullets on the site and pages will get stuck in the header UNLESS you give them a different parent. It is possible to link any page or post! Thank you!

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