Tiny Town

Everyone knows that rflong7 makes awesome worlds. Today I went into Tiny Town. The first thing I found was two mostly identical houses side by side – one gray and one pink.

I turned them into mirror image houses by switching the bay window to the right side on the pink house and switching the direction of stairs and therefore layout for the garden on the gray house. (I also changed the blues and greens to purples and pinks inside the pink house.)

Next, I separated the city hall from the police station, making one big lot into two smaller ones with the world editor (bulldozing both the buildings and the lot and then adding two smaller lots). [I do this to help with opportunities. The system sometimes glitches on combined lots.]

The police station gets a couple parking spots out front and a couple rock climbing walls and a dumpster out back.

The book store, spa, and grocery were all on one big lot too. So, I made them into three smaller lots, but I used the same building choices that were already there. (The shopping center lost additional sidewalk and parking because of this, but I did add back some of the lost ornamental pear trees.) [I quite like the diagonal sidewalk to the grocery store. And because I’m such a minimalist, I am very happy with the way it turned out and am hopeful that opportunities won’t glitch out now.]

There was a large lot designated for the stadium with a great building and lots of open space, but I wanted a typical rabbit hole. So, I deleted the lot and added a stadium with a soccer field in back.

I think this lot would make a great criminal hangout, but I have plans to turn it into an art gallery instead.

So, I added the smuggler’s lair from Barnacle Bay for my criminal career. I think it fits in perfectly and now I have all the traditional rabbit holes covered.

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