I am Ciane.

This is my Simself and avatar.

This is my Simself and avatar.

I love to build, decorate, play, take pictures, and share stories in the Sims 3.

Blog will hopefully have helpful Sims 3 tips with links.

Builds will be a place for sharing a picture and link of a Sims 3 build.

Legacy is for my first attempt at an apocalyse challenge.

Other is for those things that just don’t fit the other categories.

Stories will just be me playing around in the Sims 3.

Because I’ve run out of room, I have a spot for more sim stuff and another.

8 responses to “I am Ciane.

  1. Lots of progress for your sims!! Sabotage is so much more fun than fixing. And vegan salmon is quite a new dish!! =)

  2. 😀 It’s great when the sabotaging works, but she had several unsuccessful attempts in a row (maybe eight?). I gave up on her. I only need one electronics to break down to complete that challenge. And I need plutonium and a large space rock too. Lots of fake meats are out there and since there is already a salmon option, which some vegetarians eat; I wondered if this meatless version might be egg and dairy free. 😀

  3. I’m following your blog and have for quite some time now. Couple years maybe. But your chapter posts don’t show up in my reader to let me know there is something new. I’m catching up though. Just checked settings and it set to do so. I wonder why.

  4. Hey Ciane! Hope you’re well 🙂 Where can I find your container renovation challenge updates?

    • You have to click the word “spot” on that last line to go to my other site. All my renovation stories are on the “other” tab. The container one is the challenge I created. I think it’s the top link on that page right now. Once on the container page, the link to challenge I’ve started with Cameron is at the bottom of the page. After that all the links to the Cameron version are at the bottom of the Cameron page.

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